Thursday, May 7, 2009

Awesome Allergies + April in Review

state.asp.gifLet's talk about my great state of South Dakota.  All that red there, ya that's the pollen index.  Oy vay!  It's warm out at night, but not warm enough to turn on the AC, however, sleeping with the windows turns me in to a mess.  I feel like one of those little kids who has snot bubbles billowing out of their nose.  Ugh.  The amount of boogers I'm housing is out of control.  Since I'm not able to breathe out of my nose at night, I've had to revert to mouth breathing, which means that I wake up in a puddle of drool.  Ick.  Of course the running is NOT helping in any way.  Taylor had two softball games now we're both just struggling at life.  Apparently we have the same seasonal allergies, how precious..... :)  

Speaking of my awesome bf and softball.... he hit two homers tonight.  :)  One over the fence, get out of here, I'm a big deal home run, and another tink, hit the fence, hauled ass around the bases, in the park homer.  I love him.  I told him he needs to join me on some of my speed work days so those become a constant instead of a rarity.  I think he'd rather just hit em over the fence.  Then he doesn't have to run the bases.  Ha.

Moving on.  April past 6 days ago, so it's probably time to review the month in running.  Yay.

Miles Ran:  71 miles (5 more than last month, which is kind of weak sauce.  but one of the runs I missed due to sickness was a long run.   next month will knock this month out of the park!)

Best (only) Race:  Washington Pavilion 5k.  New PR by 21 seconds and the first race the lover boy has been at for almost a year.  Whoo.

Highest mileage in a week:  20.6 for 2 weeks

Best new running purchase:  GARMIN.

Ok, this review was also lame sauce.

Tonight I did my last run before my 5k race on Saturday.  I have mixed feelings about this race.  I've PR-ed in the last 2 races I've done, and by significant amounts....48 seconds the first race, 21 seconds the second race.  But there was also significant time for improvement between each race.  8 weeks of training for the first race, 6 weeks of training for the second.  And two weeks before this one.  AND I haven't done any speed work since I'm trying to heal the ab.  I'm hoping to PR even if it's only by like 1 or 2 seconds.  Ha.

Tonight's run was an easy peasy 2 miles.  There was a chica in front of me on the sidewalk so I was trying to keep pace with her.  First miles clocked in at 8:36 and I was pooped.  Second mile I turned around and was hit by 20 mph winds.  Kill.  Me.  Now.  I can run against the wind with the best of them.  But why should I?  So I decided to take the last mile easy and clocked in at 9:11.  Total time 17:50 for a pace of 8:55.


Amanda said...

Yuck, mouth breathing at night is the worst. Hope that pollen settles down soon!

Mica said...

Ugh, best of luck 1) combating the pollen and 2) running your 5k!