Tuesday, July 21, 2009

5k results + Carb Overload

Guess what I got in the mail today?? :D Finally validation that this race really did exist. Also, they finally posted the official results of the race too (only 3 1/2 weeks later, but still better than not at all).

Official time: 24:04. Boo. My Garmin said 24:02 which I deem to be more accurate with a non-chip timed race and me starting 4 rows deep, but whatev. Besides as my co-worker/intern said, at least you weren't a few seconds faster with this problem. It'd really suck to think you broke 24 minutes only to find out a few weeks later that you didn't. Excellent point co-worker/intern. :)

Age Group Place: 1 of 4. (If I would've known this prior to the race, I think I would've changed my pre-race goal from placing in the top 3 in my division. Ha.)

Gender Place: 1 of 23.

Overall Place: 11 of 58. Missed the top 10 by 10 seconds. Grr. Oh well. He seemed A LOT farther ahead of me than 10 seconds. :)

Funniest thing about the race (which most of you won't get because you don't know my last name, but oh well, do some research if you want, you'll get a kick out of it) the Male Overall Winner's last name is Heavy. My last name is an opposite of sorts. I really wish this would've been a larger race, because that would've been a SWEET headline. When I told my bro, he told me I should submit it to Letterman. Good stuff.
This morning I had an easy 5 miler on the schedule. It was easy, but it sure was boring. I had a little bit of tenderness in my left hammie, but I'm hoping it was just thanking me for the awesome hill workout yesterday. I did 5 miles in 47:44 for a pace of 9:33 (supposed to be 9:46...close enough eh?)
1. 9:42
2. 9:35
3. 9:35
4. 9:32
5. 9:18
When I looked at my Garmin it said that I had burned around 580 calories and I was shocked! Yesterday it said right around the same amount, and I just assumed I burned way more on the hills. Score. But when it said that today, I figured something must be up. To my surprise, my settings had reverted back to the default: Male/150 pounds/1.1.70 DOB. Stupid expensive watch.... :p
I somehow managed to eat my weekly amount of carbs today. For lunch. YIKES. I had 2 leftover breadsticks from the Olive Garden (YUM) for an appetizer. Haha. And then met an old roomie for bagels, where I ate 2. Ugh. I'm going to go into a bread-induced coma this afternoon. But sooooo tasty in the process. :)


Anonymous said...

Yay for awards!!!

Ok, not to freak you out (pls dont run screaming), but I was able to Google and find your last name! :) That would've been a sweet headline!!!

Please don't freak out!! LOL

Julia said...

Congrats on your medal! That's awesome! And your intern is very wise :)
I am now paranoid that my Garmin is off as well, better go check it! haha

Mica said...

Congratulations on the award, you speedy lady, you! Sub-24 is coming, I know it!

J said...

your weekly amount of carbs at lunch!! Crazy! Great job on the run and the race. Its great to get that recognition!!

KAT said...

I love the half-distance too :)
This fall is my full marathon, though. Yeah, its still kinda surreal, since my training hasn't really started too much yet.
But its nice to feel all hardcore and say that I'm doing one lol.
Good luck with training!

Sarah said...

I wish I wasn't so lazy otherwise I would totally figure out your name. Maybe tomorrow at work! While I eat a bagel or two in honor - because right my my zucchini leftovers don't sound nearly as delicious!

Jamie said...

Congrats on the official award! Wohoo!

Ever since I started training back up again I have been a carb freak. I can not get enough of bagels/bread and all the other carbs you aren't supposed to indulge in :)

Susan said...

I love awards!! No need to tell anyone how many people were in your age group!

Amy said...

Haha, so your last name is Skinny or Thin or something like that? I can only imagine the headline! That's funny. :)

Anonymous said...

are the breadsticks good reheated?? Hmmm, I haven't been to Olive Garden in so long!

You're all over that race!!! Top gender and in your age group?! thats awesome!! :) way to goooo!

kilax said...

Yummy... Olive Garden!

Yay! The plaque came! I have been wondering if you heard anything about it. :)

Glenn Jones said...

Well - at least the times are close. I've had situations where my Garmin time and official finish time havebeen as much as eight seconds different!

Oh - and be careful. The Garmin uses only distance and time to calculate calorie burn. It doesn't consider effort. So 1 hour will be about the same number of calories - doesn't make a difference on the hills or on the flat. This is the one big issue with the Garmin....

aron said...

yayyyy congrats on the medal!