Wednesday, July 8, 2009

New Running Clothes + Hissing Geese

Yay for new running clothes! I had bought a lavender running tank from Target to wear for my race a couple of weekends ago, without trying it on (because I'm an idiot) and when I got him it did not fit. As much as I love clothes that cling to the love handles, I think I'll pass. PLUS, since it was so um..form fitting near the hips, guaranteed that puppy would ride up big time once I started running. So back to the store she went.

I had just planned on getting the same tank in a bigger size, but shocker, they only had XS and XXL left. THEN I spotted the green bra I've been dying to get on SALE. Jackpot. I love these Target bras (although I know some of you despise them) and love when they're on sale for $12. I usually stock up. I will admit that 2 of the 6 that I own are "duds." They're super stretchy material and are about as supportive as, um...nothing. These two appear to be top notch, and CUTE.

Then I saw these tanks. definitely not the cutest. But they're lightweight, the bank panel is a mesh-ish (hah funny made up word) breathable material AND, most importantly, they are lose on the hip area so no possibility of rideage. Nothing bothers me more than having to tug down my top every .15 miles. Last time I wore the "wrong" tank, I ended up tucking it IN to my running shorts so I wouldn't have to mess with it anymore. Talk about fashion faux pas. I felt like a wrestler, ick, they always seem to do the shirt tucked in thing when they workout. ALSO, the tanks were only 10 bones. Can't go wrong with a price like that. Plus since I was returning a $20 tank, it made me feel like this trip was so much cheaper than it really was. ;)

Last night, when I got home from work, I went to my fridge to cross off my 4 miler from the schedule, and -GASP- realized it was supposed to be 5!!! Of course I had a mini freak out (because one mile is a HUGE difference, side note: I'm an idiot.) Then I saw that Thursday called for an easy 4, and it would be an easy flop to just do 5 then. Which is probably a good thing, because another mile of hills yesterday would've probably been the death of me. I think I'm going to have to make a second copy of the schedule to post to Taylor's fridge, since I seem to be doing most of my morning runs from there. I'm sure he'll just love me bringing more crap over to his place. Hah.

This morning I had an easy 5 miler on the schedule. Because of the hills yesterday, my legs were a little sore/tired, so it was nice to take this one slow. There were a couple of random things worth mentioning from the run.

First, my run took me very close to the airport in town and I ended up running under a plane taking off. I wish I was a good judge of distance, but it was CLOSE, and it was REALLY cool, until I immediately thought, "oh crap! what if this thing crashes, I'm donzo!"

Secondly, I'm sick of geese. Seriously, I love all animals. But I'm starting to hate geese. There was a ginormous gaggle of geese (3 points for alliteration) on the trail this morning. Usually when this happens, I'll run off in the grass as far from them as possible to keep from making them mad. Well, of course, today a family of bikers was coming in the opposite directly and took their jolly sweet time getting through. By the time it was my chance to go by they were fired up and hissing at me. I let out a little yelp and started hauling some booty. Last thing I need is to be chased by a gaggle of geese :) in the middle of my recovery run! Stupid birds. Don't they see me waving to deer? I can't be a bad person. QUIT HISSING!

I ended up doing the fiver in 47:49 for a pace of 9:34 (supposed to be 9:46). But my splits were pretty darn close for the first 3 miles, after that I just got bored and wanted to go home to watch Saved by the Bell. ;)
1. 9:42
2. 9:42
3. 9:40
4. 9:28
5. 9:15
Oh Zach Morris, you are such a heart throb. :)


MOMMY-MOMO said...

i need new running clothes... bad!!!

Mica said...

Sweet running clothes!

And holy crap, geese are the meanest birds ever! They are always hissing and chasing me and the boyfriend around here. WTF, geese?!?

aron said...

omgosh i LOVE those target bras... only ones i wear. and i have been wanting THAT green one!!! i need to go check on them at my stores :)

Anonymous said...

I always get running clothes/gear at target too! It's not expensive and it WORKS just fine!!! ;) nice find!

I don't think our generation will ever "get over" the Zac Morris ;) ever. and that's just fine too!

Anonymous said...

I need new running gear too! I've been meaning to check out Target. I'll have to do that now. :) Btw, totally with you on the shirts that hug the handles..ugh, I hate shirts riding up as I'm running!

Susan said...

My boyfriend always wants to throw rocks at geese because he hates them so much...oops!

Lacey Nicole said...

great job on the 5!!! i run into geese on the charles all the time. they poop everywhere,ew. haha. i totally know what you mean, even tho 1 mile isn't a huge difference, it's just the shock of what's different from what you were expecting! i'd have done the same thing (side note: i'm also an idiot, lol).

Sarah said...

Thanks for commenting yesterday. I don't surf around much on new blogs, so I would never have known you existed if you didn't pipe in about the library love! YEAH! I support your dream. And I have a feeling I'm going to be reading a lot more of your blog! Love it :)

Also - last night night, a bunch of geese ruined my ride home. In my car, on the way back from getting take out. Not quite the same thing!