Monday, September 26, 2011

I Heart Fall

This weekend my running was all unicorns, sparkles and daisies.

Thank god.

Kyle and I made a very last minute decision Friday afternoon to skidaddle out of town on Saturday to Minneapolis and I realized that my long run wasn't likely to happen during a mini-vacation.  Of course we made this decision after my lunch consisted of cooler ranch doritos and starbursts.  Perfect long run fuel!

I mapped out a run near my undergrad college for the first part of the run, and was going to swing back by my apartment and take on the bike trails for the last 8 miles.  It was the most beautiful long run weather I've gotten so far.  Low 60s, low low humidity.  A slight breeze.  :)  My legs did not feel awesomely fresh at the start, but I knew that completing a long run on tired legs would really "up" my mental toughness that I struggle with...constantly.

The first 6 miles were much hillier than I'm used to, but my pace didn't seem to be affected all too much by them.  Because it was so nice out, I was barely sweating, and barely sipping on my handheld.... IS THIS REAL LIFE?!?!?!?!? 
1. 9:35
2. 9:36
3. 9:51
4. 9:51
5. 9:35
6. 9:27

By the time I got to the bike trail, it was getting dark.  Now often when I tell non-runners that I run on the bike trail, they get super freaked out for me.  "aren't you afraid for your safety?!?!?!"  Apparently there used to be some really scary stuff that would happen to women on the bike trails.  :/  Which is why I avoid them at night, or make sure to bring a buddy.  I figured I could get a couple of miles in while the sun was setting and be ok. 

Well... I was right.  Except that it put me 2 1/2 miles away from home, with no choice but to run that remaining 2 1/2 miles in the dark.  Luckily there were some soccer games going on near the trail, so I wasn't all alone, but I guarantee my HR was up there pumping from adrenaline.  And so much for a flat last half of the run........
7. 9:41
8. 9:23
9. 9:33

More hills.  Bah.  The nice part was as the sun set, and the temps dropped, so did my heart rate, and so did my pace.  During the last few miles I wanted to get my HR towards the higher level of my LR zone, and plus I was somewhat certain that KK and my dinner plans were going to include me all stinky since I wasn't going to be home with enough time to shower.

The last few miles felt great, and with it being too dark, I had no idea what my pace was unless I went under a street light.  Wheeeeeeee! 
10. 9:15
11. 9:11
12. 9:00
13. 8:00
.1 :40 (6:39 pace)

I did 13.1 miles in 2:02:38 for a pace of 9:22.  Let's ignore the fact this is only 2 minutes off my race time from a couple of weeks ago.... **shakes fist at IT bands**

When I got home I had a text message from one of my co-workers saying that she had just saw me out running.  I responded that I just got home, and she thought I was insane because she had seen me running 2 hours earlier.  Haha welcome to my crazy running world.
So naturally after spending my Friday night doing a long run (followed by eating delicious Indian food with KK), I learned that I’d be heading to the cities next weekend, and with traveling to Fargo for a race the following weekend, I couldn’t justify this  trip to the cities.  Le sigh.  My checking account sighed in relief.
Saturday was spent being an Alabama fan and hanging out with the boy.  And Sunday was the most beautiful fall day ever.  I told myself that if I put in 90 minutes of study I “got” to go do my run.  Don’t ask me when running became my reward, but whatever… it worked. Since I skipped my recovery run on Saturday, I tacked a couple of extra miles on to my supposed to be 6 miler.  I legit felt like I could keep running forever. 
I did 8 miles in 1:16:39 for a pace of 9:35.  Average HR 153.
And then it was off to watch the Packers go 3-0 to start the season.  GO PACK GO!  I finished off my Old Chicago Oktoberfest mini-beer tour, and the German gal in me loved it.  Turns out that by day-drinking you’re fully capable of studying in the evening.  Good to know!


Susan said...

It was all good until you mentioned the Bears game...hopefully I'll recover from this by the time Friday rolls around...

Stefanie D. said...

Damn that IT band. But those are still some nice splits! Great job!