Friday, September 16, 2011

Interesting Fun Fact

So here's an interesting fun fact about me for you on a Friday.  Friday... yayzies!  If you follow me on twitter, you may notice that I love pugs and their adorable little faces.  I want one.  Badly.  But live in an apartment and will for awhile... aka, until I have money to not live in an apartment, aka, potentially forever.

While watching Lost the other night, I saw a link to Pug Partners of Nebraska and started perusing the pups on there. 

Immediately, I wanted one.  Perhaps two.  Yes, definitely two.  Porky and Beans?  COME HOME TO JERBEAR NOW.

And then I started reading their descriptions.  And practically started sobbing.  Well, sobbing as much as one can without being disruptive to others that are watching Lost and don't want to be distracted with your pug adopting antics (Kyle). 

Have you ever cried over animals you've never met and their owners that were devastated by giving them up?  Uh yeah... me neither... that'd be weird... :/

 I wanted to get in my car and adopt them all.  Also, immediately.

And then I remembered that I live in apartment, and can't.  So that made me cry a little bit more.

And I blame most of this on the full moon from Monday because it tends to make me lose my mind.

The end..

P.S.  See look at how cute Porky and Beans are.  I mean.... COME ON!

**Disclaimer:  I'm in no way affiliated with Pug Partners,
nor did I receive compensation to post about their business.**


kimi said...

Those pups are so cute! I hope they find good homes. I couldn't live without Daisy and Brutus. They are my little minions. Assemble da minions!!! Also related, I need to stop watching Despicable Me.

Joseph Miller said...
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Kristin Miller said...

Before we got Lambeau, I tried several adoptions and got rejected on many. I specifically wanted Yoga, a bulldog basset hound mix of ADORABLENESS! Ugh. I was depressed for a week. Then a couple of weeks later, along came Lambeau, the love of my life. Don't worry, your perfect pet will come your way at just the right time.

Ps. The removed comment by that Brian Joseph guy is my husband. Sharing a computer and not signing out is a PAIN!

Anonymous said...


Kimby Jo said...

I have a pug and I just adore the little old fart! They have SO MUCH personality!

Those two are adoramable!