Friday, September 9, 2011

Sioux Falls Half Marathon Goals

Sunday marks my 12th half marathon and my 7th consecutive Sioux Falls half marathon.  Interesting fun fact:  the half in 2005 was my first race longer than one mile.  Neat-o, no?  This is the race I look forward to the most each year, because it's an awesome race, the finish line is walking distance from home, and I run the route most days on my training runs.

This fall, this half is my "goal" race.  Last year, my goal race time eluded me, so this year I'll take another crack at it.  So without further adieu, my race goals:

Goal A:  Somewhere in the 1:48-1:50 range.  This was my goal for last year, and I lost my shizz/mojo way early on in the race.  It will be tough.  I will look grimmacing in most if not all race photos, and it will hurt.  But it's doable.

Goal B:  PR.  Current PR is 1:50:57.  So dang close to sub 1:50, but I honestly didn't have another 57 seconds left in me that day.  Race course PR is 1:53 something.

Goal C:  Be thankful you're able to run and enjoy the day.  **For the record, I would rather accomplish these goals while also accomplishing goals A or B.** :D

So there you have it.  Kyle surprised me with some sweet running shorts I've been coveting to complete my fall Team Green ensemble.  Like a dork, he made me try them on, and then I had to find a shirt to wear with them.  And then I had to see if I "looked fast" in them.  Ignore the uber messy bedroom featured behind me.

And since I can't be the only cutie featured in this post, I made Kyle try on my race shirt from this race 2010.  I was psyched because it was the first year they had tech shirts.  And then I cried when I saw how giant the SMALL was.  For reference, Kyle is about 110+ lbs. over me.  Doesn't he look cute in this pic?  Normally he look slike a big goober in photos... can't all be as photogenic as me I guess.  Bahahahahahah.


Lizzy said...

Will you come to Boston and pace me to a sub 1:50 someday? PRETTY please?

Katie said...

you DO look fast.

Zaneta said...

I LOVE those shorts!!! :) they do make you look fast... you'll get your A goal for sure! :)
haha.. love kyle's pictures lol

Bree said...

GOOD LUCK this weekend :)

I have a sweet race shirt that is way too big for me, too. Hubz won't wear it though. He says "what do I want with it?" I say pretend you ran that half marathon!

Kier said...

Good luck!

Sarah OUaL said...


I mean I already knew we were, but now we're dryfit twins, too.

Anonymous said...

You got this, bitch! <3

Think of the Nyan cat and gooooooooo

Dwayne said...

Good luck and hope you get your 1:4x:xx!

Evolving Through Running said...

Best of luck this weekend Jeri. Tear it up!

Jess A @cajunrunnerjess said...

Great pictures! Can't wait to see how you do for the race!