Friday, September 2, 2011

Toe Update

Attention:  If you are eating, please do not read further.*

Toe update! 

Kyle has been begging to rip my toenail off since it first started to come up off the nail bed.  I've jokingly been telling him that maybe I'd let him do it for his birthday.  Well two weekends ago, I managed to get the nail caught TWICE on random items within a 15 minute span, and each time almost reduced me to tears.  Ok, each time reduced me to 'a' tear.  At least.

Finally it was decided:  time to do some more toe nail maintenance.  I almost gave Kyle the green light, until I realized that the nail is 100% attached to the toe on the left hand side.  Hence the extreme pain each time I got the nail caught on something.  I decided it was time to trim it down as far as possible.  It took some hard work and maneuevering, but I did my best.  I broke in to a sweat in the process.  Kyle was hovered over my foot with a look of glee in his eye.  Hopefully this keeps it out of the way until the turd just falls off.

But the saga continues....... I just looked a bit closer at my left big toenail, only to realize that it's not attached either.  Gah.  At least this one appears to have heeded my advice of waiting until sandal season is over.  Right toe nail?  You've officially  been put on notice.  Bitch.  Now I must debate wheter to perform surgery on this one before the half next weekend.  EEP!

*I got a few "OMG I just barfed up my cheerios!" the last time I posted about my toenails, so I thought a disclaimer would be nice this time around.

Last long run today after work.  I was supposed to do it tomorrow morning but the weather is supposed to be similar to Wednesday morning.  Yes, it was SO BAD that I'd rather run today at NOON than tomorrow a.m.  Barf.


Nicole @ "Haute Runner" said...

Efff!!! I saw the picture before I saw the disclaimer!! Barf!!!!

So do you still wear sandals with your lost toenail(s)? Or are you stuck wearing close-toed shoes until it grows back in?

I can't tell if the new nail has started growing in yet and I am too grossed out to look at the picture more closely.

Anonymous said...

Oh nooooooo. If it makes you feel any better two of my nails look like this right now (thanks to the Quebec City Half).

I wish I could say that it'll grow back sister suggested putting something fake on it (baaahahah! is that even possible!?)

Susan said...

Yikes! I've never lost a big toe nail, only the smaller ones...gah!