Thursday, September 1, 2011

Insomnia + Weekly Wishlist

When I was in college, I randomly incurred bouts of insomnia.  I say random because that's what I referred to them as at that time.  However, I now realize that I have some "issues" with anxiety and when I'm extremely anxious/nervous/etc. I can't sleep at all.  It's impossible to shut off my brain.  In college these bouts would coincide with the start of the semester (fear of the unknown), midterms (holy anxiety), and finals stress (double anxiety). 
After graduation, I still had issues with insomnia likely because I was so stressed and concerned about my current lack of employment, and student loan payments looming on the horizon.  Luckily, I also learned around this time that running is really great medicine for insomnia (for me).  I'm sure the endorphins calm down my crazy worrying brain and help me relax, but really running just knocks me out so I can turn my brain off and just sleep.

It's back.

I started classes last week, and even leading up to classes starting I couldn't sleep.  There have been several times in the last week that I've laid down for the night, and then apologized to Kyle 30-45 minutes later when I'm flipping on the light to do some reading for class.  [thank God that kid can sleep through anything.... :/  ZOMG HE NEEDS A SLEEPMASK!!!]

Currently I haven't slept soundly since..... Saturday, and I'm a bit of a crabapple when I don't get my sleep.  I'm hoping the insomnia will peace out once I get more "in the groove" with school.  If not.... yikes. 

Any suggestions?

(lol cat image from

And on to more lighthearted things.... weekly wishlist!

I dont' think I could wear this jacket and not sing Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club band
It's amazing.
As a kid I was obsessed with old skeleton keys.  I loooove this ring because of that.

A golden snitch... for a necklace... are you for real???
Sign this 'arry Pottah nerd UP.
P.S.  I've yet to see the final movie.  Someone come to SoDak and be my date, puhlease?

I feel like this is a must have for any future librarians out there.  Oh wait... that's me. :):)


bobbi said...

I haven't seen it yet either! That snitch necklace is too cool!

aspoonfulofsmash said...

im really loving your wish list posts.. you find such cute stuff on the internet! love the necklaces and ring

courtney said...

OH WOW! One of the productions of "The Nutcracker" I was of many roles I had was Rat King ...I had to wear a jacket JUST LIKE THAT. No joke, identical! Never thought it'd make it to the world o' fashion.

cute necklaces :) :)

oh && try yoga & sleepy time tea before bed!

alyssakabroad said...

Get some sleep girl! Wishing you lotza luck with school! :):)