Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Signs From the Universe: A Pug Tale

A couple of weeks ago, I was going through my facebook feed , trying to make myself tired enough to fall asleep.  While doing so, I happened upon the most adorable creature on the planet.  His name is Joey.  Of course, I woke Kyle up from a dead slumber to show him pictures of my new love.

Love at first sight?
I now know it exists.
I put the little puggle bug out of my mind, because I told myself NO PUG until I finish with grad school.  I do not have the time.
But the more pictures they posted of him (he’s at a pug shelter in Nebraska) the more my heart melted.  I started to scheme.  My apartment doesn’t allow pets, could I find one that would?  Yes!  And it’s owned by the same company as the one I live in, so I wouldn’t have to pay a fee to break the lease.
But it’s more expensive.  And a major deposit for the dog.  Plus the adoption fee for the dog.  Plus the cost of owning a dog.  No problem!  Kyle and I will just move in together.  What better reason for co-habitation!  Come to me my puggle friend.
In case you were wondering, this is exactly how my mind works when someone suggests I come run a race with them.  I work out HOW it can all come to be, without looking at any of the downsides.
After sending my mom pictures of her new grandpug, I started realizing the flaws.  And I got extremely sad.  “I shouldn’t adopt Joey, should I?” I said to Kyle with crocodile sized tears running down my face.  “Probably not….”
And then came the signs from the universe.  Do any of you pay attention to these?  The silly little signs that URGE you to make major life decisions (yes, I know.  I lead a SUPER tough life, in that my MAJOR life decision is pug ownership.  EAD. J) 
First was the ring.  The adorable pug ring I saw on outblush.  With the designer JERI.  I mean really. 
Next, I went to my local library to grab some books, and there was a wall of magazines to take for free.  Naturally there was one all about PUGS, that I snatched up.
While on my 18 mile run on Saturday, I ran by the dog park, and there were not one, but two pugs running around having the greatest afternoon of their lives.  I wish I would’ve been doing a non-important run, I would’ve gone and played with them.
And the fact that I realized that our pups names would rhyme, that pretty much sealed the deal, eh?  (Kyle’s dog is Zooey).
Le sigh.  So no pug.  For now.  But I think I’ve realized that I can’t wait until I’m done with school, so the wheels have been set in motion.  Not to mention that Joey’s picture is still the background on my Droid…. And the screensaver on Kyle’s iPhone (that I put on there, but that’s neither here nor there).
Why you no adopt me Jerbear?


kimi said...

Oh god, you have some willpower. I would have him already. We got Daisy as soon as we got out of college and I never regretted it. She is now my oldest child and the best cuddle buddy ever.

Kier said...

As much as owning a dog rocks, I kind sort of wish I would have listened to my mom when she told me to not get pets. (Please, don't tell my sweet puppy and kitty!). You think it is going to be all sunshine and daisies, but then life gets busy and you feel guilty about not getting the dog out for a walk, or not having just a few minutes to run with them in the yard.

I don't think I would change anything, as I really do love my pets (I mean, my husband is never THAT excited to see me if I leave the house for a few hours, let alone a few short minutes!)- but pet ownership for sure has its disadvantages.

Mac said...

OMG I don't know if you just read my last post or not, but my boyfriend's uncle and aunt who we just went to visit have a pug and I absolutely fell in love with him! I am convinced that that is the kind of dog I want. I am too scared to creep the animal shelter online to see if they have one, because we aren't quite ready for one yet sadly :( We can start a no-pugs support group together.

Renee said...

I am sad for you. Joey is so freaking adorable. However hard it is you are making the right decision. It wouldn't be fair to you or Joey.

Anonymous said...

My heart breaks for your pug struggle but you will the perfect one at the perfect time and it will be worth the wait. They always are :)

Nicole @ "Haute Runner" said...

So cute!! Some times the smartest thing is recognizing that now isn't the time to get a dog. Some day...

Kristin Miller said...

Oh my, what a cutie! Having a dog is amazing. Especially one named after something to do with the Packers??? :-D I'm sure there was a Joey somewhere back in the day! They are a lot of work but when you do it you'll be so happy because of the amazing love they give!!!

Dwayne said...

Warning about getting a dog: It is easier to find someone to watch a KID than it is to find someone to watch a dog. True story. So unless you have a solid, built-in dog-support system, don't do it. : )

Anonymous said...

GAH! You have such restraint!! First off - he is super cute. Second of all - you are making the right need to be fair to both you and Joey! Once things line up, you will never regret it! I've wanted a dog for so long...but our current lifestyle is not the best for a dog. And since I love all animals, I got a cat! And he is my only child...for now :)