Thursday, October 20, 2011

Weekly Wishlist: All That Glitters is Gold

When I woke up yesterday I could not drag myself out of bed.  It was 22 degrees with wind chill, and the winds were a-blowin'.  Plus I had already convinced myself that my tempo run was hard/scary.  I rolled back over, vowing that I would hit the gym after work to do it.  As you've witnessed by my spill running with Susan, I'm a klutz.  And I will not allow myself to run fast at night when it's dark.  Much too high of chance of falling and breaking a hip. 

After work I hit the gym in tempo workout appropriate gear.

What is that?  You might ask.

Black tank top, and green shorts with various shades of green.  Meaning:  I can have the worst swass and swoob, and NO ONE WILL KNOW IT.

Definitely necessary, as I could've wrung out my top and bottom when I was done.

Anyway, I scoured the magazine rack for trashy mags, as I like to read them during my warm up and cool down miles and there WERE NONE.  Ugh, this run is going to suck.

I had 8 miles to do, with the middle 4 at tempo/15k pace.

The start of the warm up....sucked.  I haven't ran on a treadmill for awhile, and I was reminded that I don't really like it.  My knees felt creaky and I was annoyed I didn't have any trashy gossip mags!

But then it got better.  When I started my tempo miles, I started on the low end of the goal pace (8:08-8:29).  And then kept bumping up the speed every 1/2 mile or so.  I was shocked when I had a mile and a half left and wasn't dying, and my HR was only a couple of beats higher than it was during the warm up miles.  YIPPEE!  During the last mile I bumped up the speed faster than pace, just to get my HR up to where it should be for tempo runs.  I had Jason's voice in my ear, "Your tempo runs should only be about 4 miles, but FASTER!"  Ok fine.  Faster it is.

I finished and I was grinning ear to ear.  Usually I'm hunched over trying to get my breath back after struggling to hit the slow end of my tempo pace.  I felt like I could've run a few more miles at that pace (which duh, if I can run a 10k at a faster pace than that, I don't know WHY tempo runs freak me out so much.  D-u-m-b.)

Then I had a leisurely 2 mile cool down.  And continued to shower the treadmill with sweat.

I did 8 miles in 1:10:54 for a pace of 8:51.
My tempo miles were:  8:24, 8:17, 8:09, 7:55.  For an average of 8:11.
And my average HR was 160!

Cloud 9?  I iz a-ridin' on it.
I would not consider myself much of a "girly girl" but my goodness, do I love a good sparkleWith that being said, I was the little girl who would put on every single broach and clip-on earring of my gradnma's and wear it around the house.  Hmmm... I wonder if those broaches are still around somewhere.  They were kind of fab.  Anywho.....I thought I'd do a fun "themed" weekly wishlist to show off some cute sparkley/glittery goodness.

Not full on sparkle, but just enough to make it cute.
I think this is just the perfect amount of sparkle to wear over a cardi or sweater....
If I wasn't still carrying around a coin purse that I got as a birthday party favor in 2nd grade, this would be an instant buy.  Ok, jk, I wouldn't pay $55 for a coin purse.  The thought is nice though.

Ignore the price tag, this is obviously something I'll never get. ($8k!)  But the designer's name is JERI, which is so uncommon, that I think it's a sign that I need a pug asap  I may have taken this as a "sign from the universe."  More on that later...perhaps.

Not sure in what world this would be a good accent pillow, maybe a super glitzy little girls room, but it totally has my attention.

While an "all over" glitter handbag would be a BIT much for me.  I like that this has just the hint of awesomeness and pizazz.

I originally had a sequin mini from Express on this list, but it sold out, and made me sad.  So this one is way out of my price range, but equally as cute.  P.S.  Where was all this cute gold stuff when I was desperately searching for my golden birthday?!?!?  Harumph.

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audgepodge said...

Did you see Kate Spade has a F&F sale now with 30% off everything? So your coin purse would be $38.50. Plus I think if you do it through ebates, you get another 3% cash back or something.

Just saying, not trying to be an enabler at all :P