Monday, October 17, 2011

Weekend Musings

This weekend was… intense.  And fun.  And stressful.  Ok, mostly intense and stressful.
Friday I skidaddled out of my office at 5 bells to go hit the bike trails to get in my 6 miler.  It was cold, and my legs felt amazing.  I ran a speedy (for me) “easy” pace at a nice and low HR INTO THE WIND (well the last 3 miles of it were anyway).  I was on cloud 9 a bit.  I brought my handheld along…. I know… I know… on a SIX MILER, but I have been insanely dehydrated all week long, and I figured this would help me get a jump start on hydrating for my long run the next day. 
I did 6 miles in 56:30 for a pace of 9:25.  Average HR: 151.
And then I got to meet up with Miss Megan and a bunch of her lady friends for drinks and dinner.  Ok, drink.  Singular.  Sad.  And because it was National Dessert Day, I had to celebrate it.  Sadly the dessert was pretty hohum.  I didn’t finish it.  (This happens approx. never in my life.  Or now, has happened approx. once.)
After downing twice as much water as beer (again, tear) I headed home to watch some Shrek with Kyle.  Interesting fun fact:  I think Kyle looks like Shrek on occasion.  He doesn’t like this comparison, but I think it’s HILARIOUS.  7am came and went, and I was still a-snoozin’.  Good thing it’s finally cool around here, because I didn’t head out for my run until almost noon.  Oops.
Attention:  16 miles is a long freakin’ way to run.  Last time I ran that far was during the Fargo Marathon.  And it sucked.  J
When I started out running my heart rate was crazy high, and my breathing was all wonky.  I’ve been feeling not quite 100% lately, so I’m not sure if it’s a cold/allergies/whatev.  I stopped to walk during my GU breaks, and had to refill my handheld 3 times (that’s 55 oz of liquid in 2 ½ hours if anyone is keeping track at home) trying to get my heart rate down.  Finally about halfway through the run, my breathing seemed to get “normal” and my HR chilled the eff out.  And it was pretty enjoyable.
I did 16 miles in 2:33:55 for a pace of 9:37.  Average HR: 160.  (High end of my long run range).
And then I planted myself in my chair and studied.  And took breaks to get Redrossa pizza and a Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte because I was nodding off in said chair.  And then I had to take my first midterm of my grad school career.  And I think it went well, but my brain was shot for the rest of the weekend.
And I watched zero football this weekend, which makes me want to punch a kitten.  And I love kittens.


Kristin Miller said...

Let's be honest. If there was a game to miss, it was this week's. The Ram's did nothing, and the score pretty much stayed the same as the first half. GO PACK GO! GO STUDY GO!

Susan said...

haha, I can't imagine ANYONE liking being thought of as semi-resembling Shrek, although it could possibly be considered endearing. Possibly.

Congrats on midterm #1! I hope it went well. Lately I've been wearing my Alabama shirt and new glasses and pretending I'm you. Win.

Kier said...

How is school going so far? Liking it? Overwhelming? I still need to email you my friend's contact information who is in her last year at the same program.