Thursday, August 28, 2014

Katy Perry Concert + Fargo Fun

My mom and I took off for Fargo on Friday after we both got off work at lunch time. The forecast had been showing rain all week long, so I enjoyed the fluffy cloud and flat plains.

I had the worst sinus headache of my life on Friday. It started shortly before I left work. An extra strength pain reliever did nothing to fix it. Neither did water or food, a sinus pill or two ibuprofens after dinner. Woof. I crashed at 8:30 hoping to sleep it off.

Saturday morning I raced.

And after my mom and I celebrated with mexican food. I ordered a strawberry margarita, but I received some True Blood. I think. 

My mom and I stopped at Target to grab a candle because my last minute hotel booking skills landed us in a room that smelled like a mildewed towel, and this little gem caught my eye. I resisted. For now. I'll let you know if I change my mind and decide I need a child's pug purse with glittery glasses. Ok, just typing that out makes me NEED IT. 


My mom took off for home shortly after, as it was my dad's 65th birthday and she wanted to get home to help him celebrate! I rested a bit and read, and then got ready for Katy Perry while I was waiting for my friend to show up.

Purple hair, don't care.

Emily and her sister showed up, and I helped them purple/pink/blue their hair and we headed out for dinner. I had the greatest burger of my life at Lucky 13 Pub (<---yes I typed Pug the first time). And our food was served with a tooth pick with a clover strung through it. Clearly this is my type of establishment.

This is the only picture I got of Emily and I waiting for the concert to start. :'( She has eyes, I promise.

The concert was beyond amazing and my pictures suck at showing it's amazingness.

I want to be her bestie.

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