Monday, August 11, 2014

Race Weekend Dibs

Chelsea and I are training for a marathon a week apart this fall. This spring we had the same half marathon goals and several half marathon attempts. Being a fellow Packers fan, she sent me a message on twitter recently asking if I was planning on running the Cellcom Green Bay Marathon.

Well. Hmm....

I guess I was throwing around my race intentions for Fall 2015, why not think about Spring 2015?

After Krista ran her killer race at Grandma's, I immediately wanted to run Duluth in 2015. Ok, I REALLY wanted to run Grandma's this past spring, but knew I wasn't going to be marathon ready, so I didn't. Even though I REALLY wanted to. Did I mention I REALLY wanted to??

Duluth is like a trillion miles from South Dakota.

If I did Grandma's, Green Bay would be a perfect half marathon race predictor for marathon race day. But that would be an additional 16 hours of driving, total. Uff.

But my favorite thing ever is fun race weekends with runner friends. And despite having never met Chelsea, she *is* one of my running friends, as weird as that may be.

So I think I'm going to try really hard to make Green Bay work. If I can snag a really cheap flight to Green Bay or Duluth, I think I can handle the drive for the other one.

So now's your chance to convince me to come on a race weekend with you. And if you're Danielle trying to get me to come to Maine, still, please accompany your convincing with an airfare under $500. <3

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Badgergirl said...

Umm, it's Green Bay and I'll be there! And this time I'd actually go up and talk to you and not just sit and stalk you from afar.