Thursday, August 14, 2014

Lifting During Marathon Training

A week or so again, Megan asked if I wanted to come to a yoga sculpt class with her. I wanted to say yes, but realized that midway through my marathon training cycle probably wasn't the best time to start strength training. So I declined, but I really want to add it in to my routine.

For those of you who supplement your running with strength training, what sort of routine do you follow?

Are you able to maintain the same level of running when you're strength training?

When should I start?

I'm thinking I'll start after I'm semi recovered from Bemidji and hope that it's something I can maintain during regular training. In doing my daily glute strengthening exercises, I'm still noticing more weakness in one side than the other, so I'd like to do some targeted exercises to make them equal out.

Any other advice???


Tina @GottaRunNow said...

Even though I'm often training for a marathon, I'm always doing strength training exercises. The only problem I can think of with that is finding the time to do it all!

Rinnie04 said...

I used to go to CrossFit to maintain my strength during marathon and non-marathon training. I'd only go two times a week, plus I'd do core twice a week and I felt like I was noticeably stronger and able to handle the hills a lot better . I did have some trouble squeezing it in especially during the winter. But I usually ran back and forth from CrossFit (4.5 miles round trip) as well as a lunch run (3-4 miles) on the same day and I was able to keep my weekly miles up.

Now I have someone who sends me a weekly strength routine and I do it twice a week on my own at the gym. This is my 3rd week doing it this way. I'm going to try it till Twin Cities marathon but after that I might go back to CrossFit. I really like how you can get a heart pounding workout in combined with strength and not look at the clock and think "Oh man there is STILL X:XX left in the class".

The only draw back to CrossFit is that it is expensive and it can vary from gym to gym. Some gyms are really good about making sure you have the right form when you do any movement, provide adequate modification exercises if you can't do the prescribed movement and really try to minimize any possibility where you might get hurt. Other gyms I've heard are not so good at this aspect. Most gyms will let you go to a class or two for free to see if you like it.

That's just my two cents but I noticed a pretty big improvement in my marathon time (10+ minute PR) when I started doing strength training.

Good luck with your decision and with marathon training. I can't wait for fall to get here!