Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Bemidji Blue Ox Marathon Training Recap Week 10

Monday I rested yet again and Tuesday I headed to the track for some race week mile repeats. Except that school is back in session and *my* track is now being used for marching band practice. I rerouted to the bike trails but the reroute, and running 10 minutes late to start anyway had me cutting off two miles from the workout. I was supposed to do 3x1600m. at 8:05 pace.

I hit the first one in 8:01. It was really humid but coolish temps. The second one I was feeling pretty fatigued and logged 8:09. Considering the first one had a slight downhill at one part, and the second had the uphill version, I imagine I was probably pretty close to the 8:05 effort.

This is my "yay my car didn't get stolen since I was ill prepared to carry my keys on this run" selfie.

Wednesday I took a rest day because pounding the pavement instead of the track for mile repeats made my legs take a beating. They were incredibly sore.

Thursday I did a 5 mile recovery run before work. My legs were still dead. And it was insanely humid out. (Are you seeing a trend for the week? The humidity is back juuuuuust in time for race week. Perf.)

Friday I had grand plans to get in a 2-4 mile shake out run before work, but I also had to run Ollie out to Kyle's parents before work, AND pack since we were leaving as soon as I could get away from work. The run was scrapped.

Saturday I had a .5 mile warm up before my race and then ran a half marathon in two hours and 9 sopping wet minutes.

Sunday was spent driving back home and trying to rehydrate. My legs are ridiculously sore for the race I executed on Saturday. I'm blaming extreme dehydration during the race for that. I did foam roll, push ups and core work. 

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