Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Aramco Houston Half Marathon Training Week 1

Well, as anticipated, yoga sculpt destroyed my will to live. And also my legs. And butt. I spent Monday and Tuesday limping around. And popping ibuprofen. 

I had planned to take an additional rest day on Wednesday but it was such a nice day I had to meet up for the group run. I had enough time to do a quick foam rolling session and that helped a bit. The group was planning to run 3 miles so I just stuck with the slowest in the group and went with a tempo-ish pace. On the way back, the last duo in the group decided to cut some mileage off the 3 miles, so then I really had to pick up the pace because I wasn't sure how to get back and wanted to catch someone to follow. Eeps! Surprisingly, my legs felt even better after the run than they did before. And I got to pick up my run club race tank. Whoop! #teamgreen

Thursday I toyed around with doing my long run for the way since I had the day off for the weekend, and also going to the group trail run. My running friend said that the group trail run is usually at an 8:40 pace, so I decided that would be a recipe for brokenness based on the previous day's speedy-ish run. After foam rolling my legs, the long run was also out. Then I saw that Elf was on tv, so I did a 3 mile recovery run on the treadmill in my apartment. And 5 minutes in both of the overhead lights blew out, and the overhead fans powered down. Luckily the treadmill, box fan, and tv (with Elf) weren't effected. Random.

Friday after work, Kyle and I enjoyed a much needed date night, which trumped any sort of workout. Oops. Saturday I worked all day and it was the NaNoWriMo kick off, so I was itching to get home and write write write as soon as I was off work! The 40+mph winds did nothing to dissuade me from this task.Sunday I had planned to do my long run (10 miles) when I realized that my time would be better spent strengthening. Smart runner Jerbear is awarded 1 gold star. After thinking about it, I realized that the month of November would be better spent taking strengthening yoga classes and keeping my runs in the 3-4 mile range with long runs topping out at 5-7. I know my form starts to fail as my legs get tired, so I'm hoping that the long runs are short enough I can actually focus on my form, and that with some concentrated strengthening, I'll be tacking on miles to the long run distance once December rolls around.So I hit up yoga sculpt. And got my booty handed to me. It was waaaaay hot. At least twice as many people as last week, and the temperature reflected that. Woof.  

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