Monday, November 3, 2014

October in Review + Goals

October in Review

Total Miles: 40.8 down from 57.4 last month.  Down from 82.8 last October. 

Total Time:  7:48:11 down from 10:38:32 last month. 

Total Runs: 6 for an average of 6.8 miles/run. If you factor the marathon out, my average run is 2.92 miles which is way more accurate. :P

Highest weekly mileage: 10/7-10/13 29.1 miles 5:43:35

Favorite run: Group run at 605 Running Co, first speedy (for me) run back after 26.2.

Most hardcore run: Didn't really have one, between the mega taper for the marathon and recovery. The group run was "hard-ish" but I wouldn't say hardcore at all.

Favorite race: The pretty and zen moments of Bemidji Marathon. Not the suckfest parts.

Bike Miles: 0.

Yoga Classes: 3

Favorite Jam: Taylor Swift's Out of the Woods. On repeat over here. 

October Goals
  • Enjoy as much of 26.2 miles as I can in Bemidji.
    • When the miles get tough, believe in myself and my abilities.
  • Recover.
  • Attend a group run/week after recovering. 1/1
  • 1 buddy run or ride a week. Considering I only ran 1/week during my two weeks of recovering, this is a big no.
  • Fitness class challenge! I'm well on my way!

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Taylor's album is pretty decent. I mean, I've heard that from other people.