Monday, November 10, 2014

Birthday Run

A few years back, Krista did a birthday run, where throughout the day, she ran a mile for every year she'd been alive (I don't remember which birthday it was) but I've always thought it was the coolest idea. A couple of years ago, Jenn did the same thing and did 26 miles throughout the day. ON A TREADMILL. Whoa.

I've always wanted to do this and possibly "train" to do this, but with my birthday being the day after Christmas, it's hard to commit to doing this not knowing what the weather would be. I could *not* run on a treadmill for the miles (kudos to Jenn).

Is this insane?

What would the breakdown be? 15/10/6? 14/10/7?

That'd be a solid 5-6 hours of running, not to mention showering after. Hmm....

Feel free to chime in on your thoughts. I'd definitely like to do this some year if not for 31, but every year I wait it's just more miles!

Katy Perry singing Birthday in Fargo.

Edited to add: Since thinking of this harebrained scheme, I've been running a lot less and working on my strength and flexibility issues, so unless some magical things happen with my running mileage over the next month it'd be d-u-m-b dumb to attempt this, but I STILL want to do it some year so I'd appreciate feedback. :)

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Susan said...

I've never attempted this, so I have no real advice. I was going to run Grandma's Marathon on my 26th birthday, but I had possibly broken my foot after running Boston that year, so I didn't. SO SAD. You only get to run a marathon on your 26th birthday once in your life! Otherwise, I've thought about a 50k for 31...