Thursday, November 13, 2014

Happy 50k Birthday Megan

Last Saturday I got to spend the evening with my dear friend Megan celebrating her day of birth. Clearly we need to teach her hubby some paparazzi skills because we got a sad amount of photos out of the evening!

We started out the evening at dinner, and Otto and I coordinated our nerdy outfits/accessories, natch. He's quite possibly the cutest little baby in the world, and every time I'd smile at him I'd get a huge toothy grin back from him. Looooove.

Then we got to enjoy some desserts and drinks while listening to some live piano music. (And take poorly lit photos.)

And since it was gorgeous out, we were able to hoof it to some other places without freezing to death. And then Kyle was nice enough to join us after work and give me a ride home. Sweet man.

Did I mention Taco Bell drive thru made an appearance as well? Because it did. Yum.

Can you tell I had just woken Ollie up for this photo? Sleepy baby.

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