Monday, November 24, 2014

NaNoWriMo Progress Continued

Because I'm sure you're all waiting on the edge of your streets to see how my NaNoWriMo project is going since my last post, here it is:

November 14th was a monster writing day for me. I had the day off from work for Saturday and was determined to get caught up! I started the day with a 686 word 20 min sprint. I followed this up with a 1182 30 min sprint. Later I hit 708 words during a 20 min sprint and then another 600 during 20 min sprint, leaving me with 4400 for the day. I also hit the 25,000 word mark earning myself another badge! This put me ahead of pace by one measly day.

And I used that buffer on the 15th by taking a writing "rest day".

On the 16th I got in a measly 500ish words, and another 700 on the 17th.

On the 18th I had a big goal of hitting 30k words and I got there with a 469 word 20 min sprint,  a 915 30 minute sprint, and a 998 20 minute sprint. I ended up hitting 2848 words for the day and hitting my goal. Wahoo!

So naturally I took the 19th off and wrote nothing. Ugh.

On the 20th I wrote about 1200 words, and followed that with zero on the 21st.

The 22nd was a major catch up day and I easily knocked out 1000 words in the 30 minutes I had  before going to yoga. After yoga I hit 978 words in a 30 minute sprint and 5400 words total for the day. By far my best writing day so far!

Sunday the 23rd I struggled for motivation to write, which I'm noticing happens the day after my monster writing days. It's almost like I need to write everyone day or something. I did manage to write 1100 words to get me up to my word goal for the day.

I hope to hit 40k on Monday and hopefully finish up before Sunday the 30th, but I might need every last minute. We'll see!

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