Monday, February 2, 2015

No Spend February

This month, I'm going to attempt a No Spending challenge in an effort to save some money and encourage myself to cook more and plan out meal times instead of going the easy (and bad for me BUT SO DELIICOUS) route of eating out. I actually started a couple of days before the 1st, so I won't even get to benefit from the short 28 day month. Derp.

My self-imposed rules for the month are to only spend money on necessities: rent, electricity, bills, gas, car repairs, etc. But I will be limiting any shopping (no Jerbear, you don't NEED another pair of yoga pants, promise), going out to eat, and coffee trips (I do have one $5 gift card that was given as a gift that I will savor on an emergency day).

Kyle suggested that every time I want to go out to eat and don't, I automatically put what I would've spent (estimate) into my savings, and I think that'll be a good way for me to see how much I saved and hopefully motivate me to continue.

I also have a fully stocked refrigerator, so I'll be limiting grocery trips to staple items and fresh produce.

Who's with me? Has anyone done this challenge before? Any suggestions?

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Matt BK said...

Don't know your particular situation, but even gas isn't such a necessity for everyone.

Susan said...

I tried to do "no spend January" and tried to get Eric to do it with me. I did pretty well, although I still ate out some. Eric failed miserably - it definitely would have been easier to do if he stuck with me! But - my credit card bill was hundreds of dollars lower than previous months, so I'm considering it a win. It does make you rethink everything before you buy!