Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Weekly Training Recap

Monday I had a holiday from work, so I took advantage of a lunch time yoga sculpt class. It was the hottest sculpt class ever, and I almost melted. But I'm starting to feel stronger, so Yay!

Tuesday I skipped the gym to hang out with Kyle, and Wednesday I had to miss a class because there wasn't enough time to do the class, take Ollie out, and make it to the movie theater for our last Oscar movie. Ahhh.
Thursday night I attended another yoga sculpt class. These classes are harder than mile repeats + tempo runs put together (this is Jeri speak for HARD). But I'm starting to see muscles in places I didn't know muscles existed, so YAY!

I got an email an hour before power vinyasa on Friday that I was into class off the waitlist and I let out an audible whoop! We had a great flow series. When I got home I set about making a super healthy dinner, and then Kyle walked in with Qdoba. Ha. Nomnom.

Sunday morning I went to a really awesome heart opening flow. It was the best way to start the day.

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