Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Weekly Training Recap

Monday I slept in like a true champion, missing my favorite gentle vinyasa class.

Tuesday I went to Barre in the middle of the day, because I worked a random split shift at the library. I love that my muscles can shake and quake for 60 minutes and I can head back to work without showering. Considering I'm a sweat monster, this is amazing.

Wednesday it was gorgeous out, so I headed to my favorite running store for a group run. This marked my first run in 8 weeks. Whoa. That's the longest break from running I've had since 2008. :| It was a gorgeous night for running, and we ran data free and it drove me nuts. My garmin is being an a-hole and I'm less than pleased considering I bought it in April and it has less than 500 miles ran on it. Grrrrr. I'd estimate we ran somewhere in the area of 2.5-3 miles.

Saturday I went to the yoga studio for power vinyasa yoga. It was a great flow. I was able to hold side crow the longest ever. We even got to play with some handstands. I stuck around for yoga sculpt after, and when some of the yogis told me I was crazy, I told them that power vinyasa is fun play time and sculpt is the workout. Since I had some time in between classes, I worked on side crow more and was able to extend my legs out on one of the sides. I was pumped.

Sculpt was hard but awesome. I'm definitely going to try to fit classes in to my weekly schedule 2-3x/week.

Sunday I had big plans to go to power vinyasa and a barre bootcamp class, but blizzard conditions had me staying how on my couch. I even contemplated walking the mile to the studio but Kyle told me I couldn't because it was -15 out. Lame.

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