Friday, February 20, 2015

Oscar Predictions

I convinced a couple of co-workers to join me in purchasing a pass from the theater to attend all of the Oscar Best Picture nominated movies. We synced our watches and our schedules and were all set! Friday kicked off the event with a double feature: Birdman followed by Selma. Saturday we caught Grand Budapest Hotel and then Whiplash. Sunday was Imitation Game and Boyhood. Wednesday we saw Theory of Everything. Kyle and I went to American Sniper a couple of weeks before the movie marathon.

I used to love with Laura (aka the Angry Runner) used to post her Oscar predictions, and while I'm grossly underqualified, I'm going to make my predictions as well. I will go ahead and say that my book award predictions are significantly more accurate than movies.

Best Picture:  Birdman
My personal favorite: Theory of Everything

Leading Actor: Eddie Redmayne Theory of Everything

Supporting Actor: JK Simmons Whiplash

Leading Actress: Felicity Jones Theory of Everything

Supporting Actress: Patricia Arquette Boyhood

Cinematography: Birdman

Directing: Boyhood

Adapted Screenplay: American Sniper

Original Screenplay: Birdman

We're heading to the shorts this weekend, but I won't bore you with my picks for that.

Normally there are a few of the best picture nominees that I have to s-t-r-u-g-g-l-e to get through, but I truly enjoyed all of the nominees this year. Definitely worth a watch!

Who's your pick?

(The above DVDs are affiliate links so if you purchase them, I get a few pennies of the sale.)

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