Monday, October 23, 2017

Dream Marathon Schedule

It's been a long time since I've had dreams and aspirations to do a marathon, but now that it's struck, it's done so in a MAJOR WAY. I've said a few times, if I could run a marathon time that I was proud of, maybe I could just retire from the distance. I LOVE half marathons, and marathons are hard. But as I've been looking at races, and all of my running friends have been DOING all the fall marathons, I've had some serious race envy.

Here is my dream marathon schedule:

Twin Cities Marathon October 2018: This one is already decided. Barring any catostrophic injuries or burn out (knock on wood), this one is happening.

Grandma's Marathon June 2018: I I know I've said that I will NOT do a spring marathon, because it just doesn't work to train through our horrendous winter and then run a spring race. Even a cool spring day is way warmer than what I'm acclimated to run in, and just NO. BUT Grandma's is mid-June, so technically we could get in 6-8 weeks of warmer training prior to race day, for acclimation purposes. And if it's a nice cool day, it's a very fast course. If it's a hot day, holy shit, get ready for a mental battle.

Philly November 2019: Billions of years ago, running friends and I had talked about using Philadelphia as a course to attempt a BQ on. If all of the possible stars align and I improve immensely from race to race and stay healthy, this would be a perfect time of year and race to do it on! I loved it in 2011.

NYC November 2020: I've wanted to run for Project Purple since my mom was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. I've wanted to run the NYC Marathon since before I started running marathons. I think it would be awesome to train for, and raise money for a cause that is so much larger than me running 26.2 miles.

Boston 2021: If we/I magically BQ in Philly, this would be our first year that we'd be able to run since the race is in November. If Toni makes it and I don't, than you'd best believe I'll be there cheering her on. And then maybe I'll retire from marathons.

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