Friday, August 28, 2009

Easy (Read: Boring) Run + Crappy Television + Foto Friday

Oh my goodness. I was bragging up a storm all summer because I stopped watching a ton of the crappy shows that I used to watch. Then, wtf? All the other good ones started to come back on, and before I knew it, I had a "television program schedule" to adhere to. I know it's only going to get worse as more of the fall lineup starts up, but I'm already overwhelmed! Top Chef makes me an alcoholic (I like to have a glass of vino while watching it), Project Runway makes me think I'm way craftier than I really am, and I have a list of artsy projects as long as my arm to start doing. Entourage makes me mad that none of my friends are hotty celebs that let me live off their mad moolah and Weeds makes me want to start selling drugs and have a Mexican drug cartels baby.... wait. what?!? Scratch that.

I've already picked my top 3 for Top Chef, and once I watch last night's episode of Project Runway (currently chilling on the DVR) I'll probably be able to narrow down the winner to two people. I'm just THAT. GOOD. at reality television, people. It's a gift.

Ok, on to things that won't rot your brain. :) I got up and did a tedious 5 miles today. It was nothing to write home about. There was this really beautiful/eerie fog off in the distance on the trail that I was running in. Also, the river had a layer of fog rolling off of it, which I've never seen before. Otherwise it was bor-ing. I kept it slow to save the legs for manana. I did 5.05 miles in 48:46 for a pace of 9:40.

**Last night I did about 10 minutes of yoga to keep the streak (minus a day of failure) going.**

Tonight I'm mentally preparing myself for my mock half marathon tomorrow morning. WHOO!! I'm so excited. I kind of wish that the real half was tomorrow (note to self: 12 weeks is TOO LONG for a half training schedule). I'm going to wake up early to eat, and then start the run at 7:30am. I'm also using this as a dress rehearsal, although it's highly unnecessary. I'm wearing the sweet outfit in the above picture. [sidenote: do you love my new header? total props to Amanda at Run to Finish for snapping the way cool pic on our WWR adventure] It's probably my favorite running outfit ever, probably doesn't hurt that the top is my fave color ever. I'm going to practice GU-ing (totally a verb, no? or would that be adverb? I used to be so good at this stuff....) and will conveniently end up one block away from my apartment. At which point I will walk the block to cool down, hop in the ice bath, then wake up sleeping beauty to take me to my car (roughly 13.1 miles away). :)

In honor of all the calories I'll be burning tomorrow, we're going to hit up Olive Garden tonight. Never-ending pasta bowl? Don't mind if I DO! Then, I think we're going to head to the cheap theater for a movie. $3 you can't go wrong, I kind of want to do a double feature. Quick, what would be your choice: Funny People (love me some Seth Rogan), (500) Days of Summer (seriously want to make Zooey my GF), UP, Star Trek, or Bruno? I would see all 5, especially for $3. Holy crap?!?! I just realized we're having a real life date night tonight. Go us! :p

For Foto Friday, please enjoy some pics from last weekends BFFF extravaganza.

Me and the BF. Ready to Riverboat Days it up!
Me and my BFFF.
One of these days we WILL do a race together...she has the running bug, I can tell....


The Washingtons said...

Absolutely liking the new blog header. The pony-tail swaying in the air, in your new green (killer 2for1 amazingness deal!) shirt... PERFECT! And, wow!, Taylor is such a cutie! You two make such a picture perfect couple...cute. -cw

Anonymous said...

haha! omg - that first paragraph cracked me up. I always want to be more Crafty when I watch PR too. like, seriously, they MAKE that stuff?! by themselves?! geeeeze.

good luck with the run tomorrow! also agree that 12 wks is long for half-m training. I did 15 last winter and was like what the eefff was i thinking?! but, the race is worth it :)

Glenn Jones said...

Hey! Is that a new header? I LOVE it!

Man - yourTV list sounds ike what I put up with with my wife and daughter. If I have to watch one more cooking reality show I will puke!

Good luck on your run tomorrow! The distance seems so intimidating, but once you get to 10 miles it will be a total rush!

And thanks for the warning on the Auto Pause. I've never used it, so I wasn't aware. Being so close to the ocean, we have a lot of days that are dreary and overcast (not this week though - it was 94 today. At the beach.....

Jamie said...

I'm digging the new header! And I have the same shirt (in that color and 5 other colors! - Love it!)

Good luck on your mock 13.1! 12 weeks is too long. I once trained for only 4 weeks and had a PR... I was a lot younger when I did that ;)

Susan said...

Since I work evenings and therefore miss most TV shows, I make up for it by watching really bad movies at one in the morning. It's terrible.

You might be doing your long run as I type this, so I hope it is going well!

Lacey Nicole said...

aww! i love your pics!!! and LOLLLLLLL about the crappy tv. heh i'm with ya. i have this saying: everything i know i learned from reality tv. haha. i love project runway and top chef. and the fact that they started at the SAME TIME?! holy moly overwhelming. i wasn't watching ANY tv shows either! i agree with you, training plans should be just long enough to get you ready but not to overpeak you.

RunToFinish said...

hope the run this morning went well!!

the good thing for me about all those bravo's shows is the rerun them like 100 times, so I can catch them later!

Mica said...

I like the header image. You look hardcore!