Thursday, August 13, 2009

Rest? What?!?!

Apparently the lack of sleep coupled with the intense runs this weekend (race report(s) still to come I PROMISE), has finally caught up to me. Yesterday, I refused to get out of bed at 5:30am to do my 6 mile run, promising to do it after work. Well after work brought 95+ degree temps. As much as I wanted to be a pile of sweat 6 miles later, I decided not to. I skipped a run. Whoa. That hasn't happened since.....March? I'd have to look back to be sure, but it's definitely been awhile. And the last time I skipped it was to go to Chevy's. I didn't even have anything sweet to do. Grr..

So this morning, I had a running "date" planned with one of the guys who works at my gym. He just started running and has decided to do the same half I'm doing in September. He's FAST and has been suggesting we go on a run together. (BTW, he randomly decided to see if he could do 14 miles a week or so ago before deciding to do the 1/2 and did it in a 7:30 pace. Um ya...) I figured it'd be best for us to join up on one of my speed days, as that's closest to his insanity pace. We had plans to meet at 6:30am to run, even though it's my late day to work, and I could sleep in til 8 if I wanted. Um..ya....I woke up at 6am, texted him that another day would have to do, and went back to bed...until 8:30am. Holy crappers. My body is just BEAT!

I went out to do my 6 mile tempo run on my own. Fortunately the humidity was in the 90% range and the temp was already mid-80's. Who's regretting that extra couple hours of sleep? This girl. My. Legs. Felt. Dead. Oh my God. You would've thought I had JUST completed my 3rd leg of the relay, they were so tired. :(

Also, I ended up having some serious user errors with my Garmin this morning. I had stopped to stretching halfway through (after 2 tempo miles) and stopped my Garmin also. Or so I thought. Then after restarting the run, I ACTUALLY stopped the Garmin, so it wasn't timing me for roughly .25 miles. Annoying. The run pretty much fell apart from then on. Another thing I was thinking after Glenn The Running Fat Guy brought it up, was having to do with my tempo paces. When I created my 1/2 plan, I was doing it off of the 5k I predicted to run if I had no ab issues 23:30. When in fact I ended up with 24:02 because I did have ab pain. After hitting my first two tempo miles on the correct time, I resigned to let myself use the slower paces for the second two. It's my training I can do what a wanna. :p

I did 6 miles in an indeterminable amount of time. (I'll have to do some looking after I upload my stats to see how much time I was stretching, then average .25 worth of running at the remaining .75 pace. LAME!)
What I do have:
1. 9:45 (warmup)
2. 8:19 (supposed to be 8:09-8:19 based on my not correct 5k time)
3. 8:18
4. ???
5. 8:27 (which I think would technically be in line with my actually 5k time/pace of 7:45+:45=8:30. whatever.)
6. 9:36 (I actually had to stop and stretch during my cool down mile because my legs were SO TIGHT. I really hope I ran the pain out of them, because that run suuuuucked.)

I know missing a run is not the end of the world, and that my legs probably deserve a break after the crap I put them through last weekend, but I'm still going to try to make up part of the miles. Maybe do 6 tomorrow instead of 5, and do a 2-3 mile recovery run Sunday night, after the 11 mile long run Saturday morning. Besides it's been awhile since I've gotten to do a SHORT run, maybe that would put some pep in my step.

Guess who actually has her 100th post today? ME!!! Although I'm sure you knew that was coming based on my mix-up last week. :) Feel free to send me all sorts of presents/toys/love to celebrate the momentous day.
OK, I'm going to take the rest of my lunch break to start on the WWR RACE REPORT. Get excited kids. There are MANY photos to follow. :D


KAT said...

I hate missing runs too! Good job on speedwork- I never have the motivation to go that fast, however afterwards I do feel so good :) Looking foward to your ballin' race report girl!

Anonymous said...

You haven't missed a run since March?! Whoaoa. impressive.

rest those legs!!!

Jules said...

You'll get your groove back, don't fret. Can't wait to read your WWR race report!

Jamie said...

Missing runs can be frustrating but you just put your body through a lot this past weekend! Give yourself a break, I'm sure your body will thank you. Rest is a very important part of training!!! It will all come back in no time and don't worry about missing a 6'er :)