Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Oh "easy" runs, I missed you so.

I'm back from the land of mountains. No relay race reports yet as I'm waiting for all the pics from my team (my camera managed to take 12 before being full...LAME!), so back to regularly scheduled (read: boring) blogging until then. :)

After a 2 day hiatus post-relay, it was great to hit the road today. It was even better to hit the road at 1,200 feet and to be able to breathe the entire run. :) I had 6 miles to do at a 9:40 easy pace. Oh bless the word EASY. Something my runs were NOT lately. Ha.

I plugged away at the 6 miles, and they flew by. After taking last week off from morning running, I was shocked to see how long it took for the sun to rise. I was 2-3 miles in to the run before I even saw it peek out. Pretty soon it's going to be dark my whole run. Still trying to contemplate what I do when we reach that point. By my estimates I have about 4 weeks to decide. Ugh.

I did the 6 miles in 57:02 for a pace of 9:31.
1. 9:43
2. 9:34
3. 9:49
4. 9:29
5. 9:26
6. 8:59

I did have some pain/tenderness/soreness on the outside of my quads, especially after running some slight uphills/downhills on the trail, but I suppose that is to be expected.

ALSO, I got back on the push up train last night, and did 3 x 15 of "real" push ups. I feel so strong after doing them, it's ridiculous. I'm going to be cut before long. ;)

Ok, back to catching up on your blogs/writing up the sweet report(s). I haven't been commenting very much since I have SO MANY to catch up on, but will get back to commenting as soon as I'm caught up. :)


Shannon said...

Glad you're back! Can't wait for the race report!

RunToFinish said...

wow my run this morning did not feel easy..maybe it's because i still haven't gotten any darn sleep

Julia said...

ahhhhh easy runs. They're what I live for :)
Yay for push ups; I can't do a single "real" one yet; hope to get there some day!
Excited for the race reports!

Lacey Nicole said...

\CONGRATS ON THE RELAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) i can't believe how little sleep you guys were running on!!!! way to go :) what a group!

Mica said...

Congrats on completing the relay! I can't wait for your race report. It sounds like a lot of fun!


wow you are aleady back running you rock!!!

aron said...

its getting light so much later :(

from all the pics i have seen looks like you guys had a BLAST!!! cant wait for your report :)

KAT said...

Awesome job on the race, from what I've seen from other's race reports! It looked like a blast :)

trialsoftraining said...

Looove the easy run - nice negative splits up there too ;)

the push-up thing? Gah I'm slacking like crazy. haven't done them consistently in forever!

Glenn Jones said...

Welcome back! I'm waiting for the RR and pics with baited breath....

And thanks for your well wishes yesterday. I'm pretty sure my back is just sore from a bunch of overused muscles. Getting old sucks.

Jamie said...

welcome back! I'm on pins and needles waiting for the relay report!
nice job on the easy run!!!

X-Country2 said...

I need to start doing push ups again. Tonight!

Amy said...

Can't wait for your race report. I'm still so proud you did that relay! That is awesome.

Hopefully the soreness goes away with time and you're back to 100%.

Laura said...

How amazing are you? You have a lovely blog sweetie. Come stop by when you have a chance and tell me if Disney ruined it everyone?