Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2011 Goals

In lieu of resolutions, I much prefer to have goals. Yes, one could argue that they're roughly the same thing. But I seem to work better with the latter. So sue me. No really, don't. I have very little money, and that wouldn't do you any good, and would likely waste both of our time.

Running and Fitness
  • Break 4 hours in the marathon
  • Run a sub 1:50 half marathon
  • Run a 5k in 22:xx
  • Become a mentally tough runner
  • Practice yoga more regularly (either alone or at a studio)
  • Find new running buddies!
  • Stay injury free
  • Run 1600 miles for the year
  • Lift regularly (regularly is a loose term here FYI)
Personal Goals
  • Get in to a Master's program for Library Science
  • Join a book club 
  • Join a Stitch and Bitch group 
  • (I swear to God it's harder to meet chickies to be friends with than it is to find boys to date.... where are all the good ladies at?!?!? :p) 
  • Continue to find fun crafty ways to utilize my creative side 
  • No more truck driver mouth (no offense to any (?) truck drivers who may read my blog)
  • Take more photos (rekindle photo project:  Project 52!)
  • Average more scarf sales per month than in 2010
  • Live and love life
So Sunday night I took a little tumble on the ice.  After coming and going much of Sunday daytime, and being warned "be careful, don't slip!" every time I stepped outdoors, I became a bit cocky.  Even after slipping, I would point out that "I'm like a cat!  I always land on my feet!  I have an excellent center of gravity...... must be all the core work and yoga I do.  P.S.  Toot toot!"

Well wouldn't you know it, as soon as I'm by myself (thank GOD!) and hustling to get to my car I EAT $#!t hardcore.  We're talking my 120 pound frame coming down on that solid sheet of ice as if I were a 330 pound linebacker.  Naturally my left hip (precious precious hip that I've had issues with for roughly 13-14 years now) took the major brunt of the fall.  I totally get how old people break their hips!  Sweet jesus.  Monday morning I realized my thigh was in pain as well.  Monday afternoon rolled around and I could barely move my left arm/shoulder.  You know that deep muscle pain you have when you get a shot in your arm?  (I'm thinking that horrible meningitis shot I had to get pre-college enrollment... OUCH!)  That's what my arm feels like.  Anyway, I opted to take a rest day on Monday since I had to have someone help me into and out of my zip up hoody.  Oy.
Barnes and Noble NOOK eBook Reader (WiFi only) [ Black & White ]
Today I figured my arm couldn't hurt any worse, and perhaps the run would loosen it up.  I did an easy 5 miler on the treadmill at the gym because it's still balls cold out.  I am getting really good at reading while running at a slower pace.  I've knocked out 3 magazines cover to cover at the gym over the last 9 miles.  I think it's just a matter of time before I break down and by myself the Nook!!!  I can't wait.  But really... I will.  Because... money doesn't grow on trees and all... plus I kind of spoiled myself already for Christmas/birthday.

I did 5 miles in 47:40 for a pace of 9:32.

And just because.... I found this pic on my camera.  Apparently I carried my camera with me on a day where the snow was falling all beautiful like.  I look pretty joyous in the picture, but I can't for the life of me remember when it was taken.... the treadmill is eating my soul.... and brain.


Jenna Chastain said...

Great goals! I hate the term 'resolution' as well.
Since you're into reading so much, do you have a goodreads.com account? If not you should really look into it!
I got my hubby the NOOK color for Christmas, and he absolutely loves it, so if you're going to get a nook, definitely get the color!!

shoegal101 said...

Love the goals! Stick to the "lift regularly" one. It helps tremendously and I can definitely attribute it to helping me break 4 hours :)

Teamarcia said...

I love your goals: they are copious and many are hilarious! Sorry about the fall!

Tara said...

Great goals. I particularly like the find more girls to befriend goal. I've found that it is so hard to find those cool girls to hang out with once college is over. Life is hard as an adult! Happy New Year!

Wendy said...

Love your goals!

Evolving Through Running said...

Great goals, and great snow picture. Reminds me of my days running in Minnesota.

Check your email today - sharing the spoils from the FF victory.

Lucas said...

1. Nice coat.
2. sub 4 is in the bag (1:50 could be substituted here)
3. Get the Nook!
4. get screw shoes, you will NEVER slip again :)

Anonymous said...

ouch, ouch sorry about the fall!

I am liking your goals! I have a lot of personal ones I need to actually work at moreso than running/fitness ones because training for a marathon seems easier than dating/making new friends! haha

Love the snow pic!

Anonymous said...

1. You resisted writing "where the white bitches be at?," which shoes you are an equal opportunity friend haver. Or at least can resist my stupid jokes.

2. owwwwwwwwww. Ice HURTS.

Anonymous said...

hahaha did i write shoes instead of shows? shows you where mind is at. ;)

Aron said...

yay 2011 goals!! all definitely within reach :)

love the snow pic!!

audgepodge said...

OK, I can't believe you have a hard time meeting girlfriends! If you lived in Norcal, we'd take care of that, no problem.

I actually made a new friend on Twitter and within a week we had a movie date, LOLOLOLOL...

ANYWAY, I need to work on my goals.

Scott said...

Great goals, thanks for sharing. There is something about putting it down on paper on in a blog post that makes it more official. Good luck this year!

Anonymous said...

I really hope there are Truck Drivers who read your blog...holla!

On another note, "Regular" strength training could mean...once every quarter? Twice this year (to surpass 2010)? ;) Heh...kidding. Get on the Yoga, join my obsession!

p.s. Feel better left side! STRONG SIDE.

Sarah said...

alll the good chickies are in maine!!! come visit...or maybe we will have to come visit you!!! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Good luck getting into an MLS program! I will be getting mine from Syracuse University in May and highly recommend the program.

Morgan said...

Love, love, love that pic!!!

Girl you are so going to smash all those goals! You have it in you and you will do it!

Scary tumble on the ice, I hydroplaned the other day and did this cartoon like waving of arms for a solid 5 ft before I stopped and regained balance. Holy smokes is it dangerous out there!

Trying To Heal said...

i am all about goals and not resolutions...i think there's a difference. :) i love all of yours though, definitely fun!

i hope you're feeling 100% after that fall! i did that today in the mud, then slid down a hill...it was awesomely embarrassing...my running buddy got a good kick out of it though. snow slush and mud. haha.

Jamie said...

Great goals! Be careful out there! I have had a couple close calls. It's only a matter of time. Love that snow pic!

Susan said...

Uh, all your lady friends are in NYC! Duh...library science might be here too...

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you have some great goals. I agree, resolutions are a bit hokey.

Marathon Maritza said...

Awesome list of goals, I love that you also did a non-running list.

Keep it up and 2011 will be your b!tch! (in a non-trucker mouth kind of way.)