Monday, January 24, 2011

Houston Recap

Ok, without anymore ado, the long awaited (ok, not really, but we'll go with it) Houston recap.  I got in to Houston Wednesday and was met by Jenn and Megan at the airport.  Before too long I found myself eating some delicious mexican food and drinking cheap margs.  This is how I like to start my vacas, FYI.

Thursday we all slept far too late and then got our runs in, which may have been the only productive thing we did for the day.  Which is totes fine because I was on vacation.  Random note:  this is the first vacation in 2 1/2 years that I've been on that hasn't involved a race.  Neat-o eh?

Friday Jenn and I bid adieu to Megan and got all gussied up to go to a fun piano bar.  The super obnoxious "look how cute we are pre-bar" photo was a necessity, I promise you.  This was the dress I bought for New Years Eve celebration, until it was a gazillion degrees below zero.  It was about 45 degrees in Texas, and everyone was all bundled up and looking at us like we were loco.  Heat wave yo!

We managed to break a few hearts at the piano bar, and I had to make the difficult decision to not stay behind in Houston to be one of the piano player's love slave (intense sarcasm here fyi).

Saturday morning (ok afternoon) we were up and at em to do my long run.  It was supposed to be a whopping 8 miles, but why not 12, eh?  Please note that we're both rocking the exact.same.pose. as the night before, unintentionally.  We'd make terrible models.

Waiting 12 years for your garmin to find its satellite?  Photo op!

I want this fountain in my back yard.  FYI.

Running through some gorgo-neighborhoods.

When we were done with our run we (read: I) desweated and headed out to watch the Packers playoff game.  
It was Packers' domination, and it made my heart happy.  

Jenn rocked out an extra Packers shirt of mine to help support the team.  Seriously, I feel like I have the prettiest friends....
I was in fine form on Saturday night and Jenn managed to document some of my "awesomeness" via twitter.  Please enjoy:
Jenn:  watching the packers game with @. she's intense.
Jenn:  "my blood pressure is through the roof." - @
Jenn:  for the record, @ really is a douchebag magnet.
Jenn:  "don't fuck with my knowledge about the packers. I will cut you." - @ in reference to aforementioned douchebag.
Jenn:  "is someone still cheering for the falcons? that's weird." - @

And for the record, these were all rants while sober.  Although you wouldn't know it, as I managed to lose my credit card at the sports bar.  Fail.

I'm really digging the polaroid function/ap/whatevs on my phone right now.

Uh.... at some point we made cookies.  And it was a disaster.  And then it worked out.  But mostly it was a messy disaster.  
A few of the blog appropriate cookies.  Yes, there were some non-blog appropriate cookies.  They were the best.
And I managed to have my 1st and 2nd froyo experiences in Houston.  Yes, clearly I'm an ice cream girl through and through, but I did dig the froyo.  I felt it was very food-bloggery of me to take pics of my froyo experience.

And then it only seemed right to walk to the nearest walgreens all scrubbed out for Texas' finest beer:  Shinerbock.  FYI:  I still can't drink Shiner.... I'm a bit Shiner'd out.
And my final night was wrapped up watching the end of Dexter, finishing my froyo, and enjoying some Shiner.
I miss you already Jenn!!!!

6 comments: said...

I miss you too! my 18 miler yesterday was boring snoring without you : (

baker said...

looks like a fun trip! i also plan vacations around races. Isn't it a bit weird. My non-runner friends think I am crazy. How cold is it up by you? Whens the next marathon?

Richelle said...

What a great trip! I'm like baker... I plan my vacations around races, too. Have a great week!

Jordan said...

Sounds like you had a great time, and it looks like you guys got lucky this weekend that Cutler is such a pansy! Haha

Nicole @ "Haute Runner" said...

Looks like a great time!! Nice dress!

Susan said...

Still sad about the Packers victory. :(

Soooo glad you finally had's delicious!!