Monday, January 3, 2011

Fave Moments of 2010

2010 was a pretty bang up year if I do say so myself (and I did, because this is my blog, and I can do whatever the heck I want to!).  I realize it's almost 2012 already, but better late than never for my favorite moments of 2010, right?  [I also realize that technically I have already done an end of the year post, but it just wasn't enough for me.... so deal with it....]

January I met the man of my dreams.  February I started my first round of MARATHON TRAINING and everyone immediately started hating my excessive exuberance over said training.  March and April were spent obsessing about previously stated 'thon.  (Also, massive amounts of ice cream were harmed during marathon prep.)

In May I ran my dream race and greatest possible first marathon in Green Bay.  Seeing Green Bay and running through Lambeau Field were a dream come true.  Seriously..... This race will forever have my heart.

I also met Jenn and we became BFFs ASAP.

The summer brought 6 races over 6 weeks, which seems all sorts of excessive and many days sunning myself at the waterpark with Jenn and Matt.  Summer, I miss you.  [humidity you can still gfy and die.]  I also bought a bike and we became besties, ran my fastest 5k ever and my fastest half marathon ever (while meeting my other running BFF for 2010 Alyssa!)  It was this weekend that race, rage, repeat began.

I started a photo project blog.... and then failed at it....  I attempted to run a b.a. half marathon... and failed at it....  I paced my first half marathon and NAILED IT (Barney Stinson voice.... whaaaaaaaaaat up?!?!?!?!?)

In December, I ran my second marathon, and although it didn't turn out as planned, had a blast RAGING with my homies Laura and Luke.

 I got another year older, and rang in the new year the right way!

Here's to 2011 being even bettah!


Evolving Through Running said...

Epic year.

Ep .... wait for it .... ic.

Hope 2011 treats you well!!


What an amazing year of running girl!

Jordan said...

Long distance high five for an awesome year! That being said, did you see tonight's HIMYM? I couldn't believe the end!

Katie V. said...

Amazing year! Glad to hear good stuff in the running and non-running areas.

shoegal101 said...

Six races in six weeks?! Good for you :)

Anonymous said...

Love the pic of you and Laura repping both neon CEP colors. :)

Congrats on a great running year! May 2001 kick ass too!

abbi said...

Great year for you! Happy 2011!

Dom and Trey said...

...this is my blog and I can do whatever the heck i want...haha! love the sass! Sounds like you had a busy running year. Isn't it funny how we complain about the winter being brutally cold and then in the summer we complain about the treacherous heat? We need to move to California where it's sunny all the time and run on the beach. Well, friend have a fun running year in 2011.


Lucas said...

Awesome year! That only means that you have to make 2011 that much better. Go get it!

Anonymous said...

haha, love the EPIC comment up there. Very appropriate.

Crazy year of running for you, girl! Now, what's on deck for 2011?? ;)

Um a meet up AND race should definitely be on our agenda. Let's start planning that, um, yesterday.

Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

i love your attitude!!! so wish you were with me for the ragnar i'm doing this weekend

you really did run a great year

Jamie said...

You had an awesome 2010! I'm sure 2011 is going to be even better!

Anonymous said...

You had a great year! And seriously, you take the most amazing race photos!