Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Why You So Obsessed Wit Me?

Channelling my inner Mariah for the post title...nbd.......

My favorite New York runner and blogger Susan posted a blog about her current "obsessions."  And I thought it was super duper fun and wanted to follow suit.  :)  Plus I always love me a good list.  So here goes....

Jeopardy.  I've always been a huge fan of Jeopardy.  As a kid our family would watch it every single day before dinner time.  When we get together for holidays, you'd better believe it's a battle of the brains.  It's not nearly as fun to play without some solid competition, so I'm glad that KK is up for the challenge (and subsequent defeat) lately. 

Lists.  I guess I mentioned above that I'm a bit "list-happy" and it's no joke.  I'm in the process of creating a 101 in 1001 list, I loved crafting my 2011 goals, and I'm obsessing over a 101 books to read before you die list I recently found.  Which brings me to another obsession...

Goodreads.  Being the booknerd that I am, it's fun to see what my other booknerdy friends are reading/enjoying/hating etc.  Please find me and friend me so we can be nerdtastic together.

Stripes.  I've always been a stripes fan, but recently went a little bit overboard on my shopping trip with Jenn in Houston.  We're talking 4 new striped sweaters:  grey/white, grey/white, grey/white, and grey/yellow.  Look out... variety!!!

Green.  Always.  Obvs.

Roxette's Dangerous.  I've been jammin' out to this song one too many times the last few days.

Taking myself outside of my comfort zone.  Ok, this is not something I'm obsessesd with because I loathe being outside my comfort zone, but I'm obsessed with the idea of doing so.  One of my goals for 2011 was to be more social, so I'm going to make myself attend some local book club meetings.  I know it'll be awesome, but the insane anxiety I'll have all day leading up to it will be obnoxious.

Buffalo chicken __________.  Pizza, bites, whatever, you put buffalo chicken in front of the word and I'm allll over it.  Mmmmm.

Ice cream.  Per usual.  I tweeted about needing ice cream for productive studying this weekend, and before I knew it there was a cute boy at my door bearing my favorite (ok, one of my favorites, who could have just one?!?!!?) kind.  Granted I may have texted him the same info that I tweeted as he doesn't have twitter, but let's ignore that part.  Mmmm ice cream.  FYI that half gallon was gone on Monday.  Nbd.

My Packers snuggie.  It's legit freeeeeeeeeezing in my office right now.  I downloaded an app that tells the current internal pressure, and I've clocked it at 54 degrees.  I received a Packers snuggie for Christmas, and you can bet I'm wrapped up in it 98% of the work day.

The Packers.  Obviously I love my boys, and they're doing me proud this year.  I can't wait to cheer them on for the SUPERBOWL.  I was just a little junior high brat the last time they made it this far, and the game ended in heartbreak.  Stupid Elway.  ::grumble grumble::  GO PACK GO!

And since this post is all sorts of Susan inspired, she also tagged me in this survey.  Here goes....

1. Four TV shows that I watch
  • Glee
  • How I Met Your Mother
  • Jersey Shore (no shame here!)
  • Real Housewives of ______ (all except Atlanta currently)

2. Four Things that I’m passionate about
  • Running
  • Green Bay Packers!
  • Reading
  • Eating

3. Four words/phrases I use a lot
  • Holy crapolli!
  • Holy guacamole!!!
  • Really?!?  Really!?!?!?
  • Any phrase where the final word can have multiple repeated letters (ex:  heck yesssssssss!)
4. Four things I’ve learned in the past

  • Eating dairy before a run is never a good idea.
  • People change, for the good and for the bad.
  • Never settle for anything.
  • Yellow + blue make green. 

5. Four places I would like to go
  • Hawaii
  • Australia
  • The Superbowl this year
  • Ireland
6. Four things I did yesterday

  • Ate 4 oatmeal cream pies
  • Bought groceries for the first time in 6 weeks (starvin' marvin over here)
  • Didn't know the answer to final Jeopardy
  • Went to the library 

7. Four things I’m looking forward to
  • The Superbowl:  Go Pack GO!!!!
  • Marathon #3 in Fargooooooooo
  • Hearing back from my grad school applications
  • Spring.  I heart spring.
8. Four things I love about winter
  • Ice skating (although I prefer to do it indoors, still the rinks are only open in the winter time)
  • Being outside at night when the fluffy snowflakes are falling
  • Christ/birth/mas season
  • Wearing scarves
9. Tag four people to play along

And I'm off for a run in the bitter cold.  And my coat may actually run away from me it smells so bad.  Apparently these things need to be washed on occasion... I dunno.....


Nobel4Lit said...

Another person who likes Jeopardy and green??! I'm not alone!!! =D

JRose said...

I have an awesome buffalo chicken chili recipe I made up a few years ago for a Superbowl party. I am willing to share it. =)

J said...

Oh I love lists! I am so not active on Goodreads! I am still trying to finish my current book! Planning a wedding really takes all your time and plus work and running doesn't leave much time for reading books!

Anonymous said...

GO PACK GOOOOO. Here is an idea: come to WI to watch the superbowl! :):) better idea: Move here!

..:danielle:.. said...

yay for being tagged! :) i knew i had heard "dangerous" before, but i wanted to make sure. so i youtube'd it. and now its on repeat. xo

Greg said...

A few things here:

I am a huge Raiders fan, and the only thing I hate more than John Elway is the Pittsburg Steelers! Seriously, I grew up in WV just south of Pittsburg and everyone "loved" the Steelers to the point where it made you feel like you just ate dairy before a run! So, what I am saying is that your Packers MUST win this game!

--I have a book suggestion for you, The Life of Pi, I didn't see it on your self and it is a must read for anyone with a soul.

Also, I just got back from Hawaii on Tuesday and I ran a 8k while I was there. It was so beautiful that it was the least difficult run that I have ever had even though it was up Diamondhead, which is by far the largest uphill that I have run. You have to go, but trust me, you will Not want to leave!

Love the list! One last thing -- Ben & Jerry's Mint Cookie is the food of the Gods, I could eat it until I threw up or blew up!

Maria said...

Two things, have you seen this recipe? It looks tasty!

Also, about your lists... do you like to write them out or do you prefer electronic lists? I'm a total technology geek but I still get more out of a handwritten list. It's that act of crossing stuff off that feels so good :)

Anonymous said...

Lots of fun facts in this post! Ice cream, buffalo chicken everything, and reading and running also rank high on my list.

Have fun on that cold weather run. It totally stinks (pun intended) washing all the layers of clothes needed to run outside during a midwest winter.

Bree said...

Hi - new reader here! (Can't remember who I found your blog from...Lisa @ cow spots and tales maybe?)

I lurrrve buffalo chicken anything, too. So does my husband and it's becoming a problem. Same with ice cream. That isn't becoming a problem it has been for a long time now.

p.s. I am doing the Fargo 1/2 :)

Anonymous said...

oatmeal creampies are mucho fabo!!!!

Anonymous said...

Whooo hoo thanks for tagging me! I just posted my answers :) Also thanks for the email I am posting my schedule on my blog so if you check it out and have any feedback that would be awesomeee!!

Susan said...

More reasons we should best friends/roommates: I LOVE BUFFALO CHICKEN. And ice cream. But you knew that already.

Also, I say, "REALLY?!??!" all the time.

We're so meant for each other.

ilovesteaks said...

Run this: Honolulu Marathon

Jeff said...

The annual online Jeopardy! test is coming up...