Friday, January 21, 2011

Random Musings at the Gym

Since running had been put on the back burner as I furiously studied away for the GRE, I found myself at my wits end Thursday evening.  I needed some endorphins yo!  During my evening break from studying, I skidaddled to the gym to get in 4-5 miles.

Uh... it sucked.  Well the first mile and a half did anyway (which is a long time for your legs to feel like junk, if you ask me) shortly there after my legs felt all sorts of fantabulous and I could feel the happy (and smart!) vibes rolling off my sweaty face/body/arms/legs/#yougettheidea (hashtags in a blog... oh how I love it). 

PLUS, (yes there's a plus) the tv gym parked near me was on the Food channel, showing an episode of The Dest Thing I Ever Ate:  cheesy.  Now if there's one thing that me and my lactase hating digestive system LOVE it's cheese (and ice cream, obvs).  I literally could have ran watching this episode.  All things ooey and gooey, and deliciously dairy filled.  Mmmmm.  Instead of dripping sweat droplets on the treadmill per uz (usual) I was dripping little salivacious (that word should probably be on the GRE verbal section, if they know what's good for them) droplets.

Until, some CF (please check my beginning of the year twitter rants for my word o' 2011... I feel it's not blog appropriate....nor appropriate to use when sober) behind me, thought it necessary to change the channel.  Not only did he not bother to check to see if someone was watching the episode (and had been for a solid 30 minutes at this point), but he changed it to Fox News.  Not impressed.  PLUS on top of it (!!!!) through the reflection of the window in front of me, I saw him watching the tv to our left which was set on ESPN without even giving Fox News a glance.

Jeri = seething.

Given my current stressed out status coupled with the appearance of the full moon (apparently I'm a werewolf and the full moon affects me majorly) I was ready to cut this man.  Instead, I finished my run while imagining that the treadmill band was made up of his various limbs and organs. 

"How does THAT heel strike feel upon yo spleen?!?!?!?!?"

Chipper Jeri is to return at approximately 1pm Saturday afternoon.  (I hope, or I will cut a B! jk.  I think.)


baker said...

Heel strike attack! I love it, so funny.
They should make a TV show similar to the Office called The Gym as there are so many situations like that.

Kier said...

How dare someone turn the channel! Especially to Fox news, ick. That is the ONLY channel people watch at my gym, thankfully we just got new treadmills with a TV on each.

Anonymous said...

Oh noo that is so annoying I would have been pissed! If it makes you feel better my whole run on Thursday felt awful! What day are you running your next half? I would love to compare training schedules since we have around the same time goal.

Anonymous said...

I hate fox news!!!

Funny though, this happened to me the other day- I was happily catching up on the college basketball news on ESPN when someone turned on...ready for it...Thats So Raven. REALLY!??!?!