Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Lazy Day in the Life Of Jerbear

9:30am  Wake up entirely too early for a Sunday (IMO).
10:15am  Get served french toast and OJ for breakfast (suddenly the early a.m. on the weekend doesn't seem so bad)
10:30am  Departure time for Cabela's trip comes and goes (still in PJs)
11am  Rush home to change in to my Jennings jersey and lucky hair ribbon (spend the rest of the day feeling like Blair Waldorf for wearing my gold sparkley hair ribbon like a headband)
11:12am  Failed attempt at picking up yarn at JoAnn's Fabric to craft some purty scarves whilst being co-pilot on our mini-road trip (apparently they're not open that early on a Saturday...efffffff)
11:13am Finally depart for mini road trip to Cabela's (luckily I have some leftover yarn to keep my hands and brain occupied because this weather is not appropriate for road trippin')
12:15pm  Arrive at every outdoorsy boy's heaven/playland/fishing and hunting mecca
12:17pm  Become overwhelmed by the number of dead animal/fish mounts
12:18pm  Try to decide if taking photos of the mounts for the blog would be cool or creepy
12:19pm  Decide on creepy
12:20pm  Determine where my weird fetish for squeezing/touching soft cheese comes from:  squishy fishing lures
12:21pm  Commence squeezing every squishy fishing lure in sight (along with some squeezy cat fish bait parts, thoroughly grossing myself out, but unable to stop)
12:22pm  Reminsce about my awesome pink tacklebox from my young angler days
1:30pm  Depart Cabela's (without the super cute bright GREEN under armour jacket I was coveting $$$$)
1:40pm  Arrive at Walmart to procure yarn (accidentally end up with a box of fruit snacks.  mmmmmmmm fruit snacks)
2pm Depart for home in nearly all white conditions
2:02pm  Eat fruit snack pack #1
2:03pm  Eat fruit snack pack #2
2:10pm  Mask panic behind super cute Rayban sunnies
2:11pm Jam out every time Bruno Mars' Grenade comes on the radio
2:12pm Eat fruit snack pack #3 (I have a problem, I realize)
3pm  Arrive in time for the pre-game show (my only stipulation for agreeing to be co-pilot on our trip)
3:30pm  Nervously crochet my booty off whilst cheering on the Pack
3:45pm  Eat fruit snack pack #4 ("it's to calm my nerves!" I exclaim.)
5pm  Pause for some delicious homemade buffalo chicken pizza during halftime (ummmm yumm!)
5:20pm  Continue to hold my breath for the rest of the game
5:45pm  Dessert fruit snack pack #5
7pm  Cheer wildly for Tramon Williams' interception and the Packers playoff win!
7:30pm  Sit in the hot tub to calm my nerves and anxiety levels
8:00pm  Whoop up on KK at Jeopardy

Clearly it's tough to be me.
I haven't ran since my "long run" of 7 miles on Saturday in 1:06:25 for a pace of 9:34.  I was tempted to walk the mile to my gym in freezing temps last night instead of driving because the roads are bad.  I decided sweat pants were more fun.  ;)


Dom and Trey said...

My favorite part!
2:02 eat fruit snack 1
2:03 eat fruit snack 2
Haha. I'm glad your team won. It was a great game, a real nail bitter.

Susan said...

Fruit snacks are NEVER an accident! My mom used to send my roommate and I Costco size fruit snacks when I was in college...ah, love those care packages...

Lisa said...

What a day :-)! I'm also a fan of fruit snacks, and I tried buying them in bulk to eat on long runs. Sadly that didn't agree with my stomach at all, but they're still a great sugar rush.

A savy commenter on my blog pointed out that you're running Fargo this year (because I wrote a lengthy post contemplating whether to run it.) So I'll likely be following along with your blog as I try to decide.

J said...

I just had to go and get some fruit snacks after reading this post! I can't even buy the box of them because I will eat them ALL!!

Kristin Miller said...

I love reading about the pack on someone else's blog. We're killin' birds like it's hot. Eagles. Falcons. Seahawks? We can only hope.

dietitianontherun.com said...

Were there any fruit snacks left?! Heh, very impressive, Jer. Fueling the scarf-making is hard work, yes?? I'm glad business is good :)