Sunday, January 30, 2011

Attracting the Sharks

All week long I've been checking the forecast to see when I could get outside and enjoy a run.  I clearly failed once, but I saw towards the end of the week the forecast was good.  I finally set out for a run in the high 20s.  Heck yes!  Unfortunately the wind was still out and about so it was still pretty chilly.

I started out the run, and before too long something caught my eye in the snow.  I realized it was a little kid chilling in a make shift snow fort.  And to be honest it was a pretty legit snow fort.....dug down deep in the snow, with snow packed up and around the top to fend him from the wind.  And the only reason I thought it was a legit snow fort is I think I made a trillion of them as a little squirt.  And the kid was just sitting there.  Staring up at a tree at a bird.  Nerds of the world unite!  I almost wanted to tell him how cool he was and give him a fist pump, but didn't want to frighten him so I carried on.

While doing my tempo run, I noticed that one of my toenails was digging in to another toe and had mentally reminded myself to chop the talons before my next run.  Sadly I remembered this information a half mile in to my run.  No time to turn back now.  It managed to feel like the toenail was stabbing in to my other poor toe's sensitive skin while also pulling back the nail from the nail bed.  All sorts of fun.  Once I got 2.5 miles in to my run, I turned around and realized I had been running with the wind at my back the whole time.  Let's just say the last 2.5 miles home was not so very awesome.

When I got home I realized that my toe pain was not unfounded.  Uh.... gross.

Bled through my shoe.  Impressive.  No diving near sharks in these shoes.

Back side of the sock.  Icky.

Lost your lunch yet?  Is it weird that I like blood?  :/  Don't answer that.

Bloody toes.  Still no clue where the blood actually came from.


northlandrunner said...

ouch! Cut the talons! bahaha

Greg said...

Did the same thing about two weeks ago and didn't even notice that I had been bleeding until my wife found the bloody sock in the dirty clothes. I was 'how cool is that!?!' The wife, let's just say -- 'unthrilled! She just mummbled something in Japanese that I knew was better left untranslated! Still bloody sock and shoes are like good little battle scars in my book!

Jamie said...

that's some serious blood action. I've been there but I don't think to that extreme. I hope you have cut those talons now :)

Nicole @ "Haute Runner" said...

Owww!! I once got a little cut on my toe (I think from a small rock in my sock) and the same thing happened. It was the tiniest cut but it bled so much!
Everytime I would run it would open up again so my shoes and socks were bloody!

I think bloody feet means you are hardcore!