Sunday, April 10, 2011

Highest Weekly Mileage EVER

First things first.  Because that's how the saying goes.  If it was first things second, that would just be weird.  Anywhosits.  Thanks for all your comments and concerns on my previous post.  The good news:  I bit the bullet and scheduled a doctor's appointment.  I typically try to self-diagnose and fix whatever is wrong with me, and this is clearly something I can't fix without some help.  Dietician friends, best believe I'll be hitting you up with questions after I get some answers from the doc.  My next race is April 23rd, and I'd like to be at least 80% by then, and hopefully back to completely normal for FARGOOOOOOOOO!

My legs were so tired on Friday that I took a rest day.  I had to walk up the stairs at work (I work on the first floor so never have to frequent the stairs) and almost needed to take a small rest when I got to the top.  Saturday rolled around and I had to work until 1pm.  Barf.  I was all set to do my 20 miler after work, but my stomach was sooooooooo angry!  By the time it was back to normal, I did not have 3+ hours left to work with.  It actually worked perfect, because Friday was supposed to be a marathon pace run and Saturday was supposed to be my long run.  This way I could still do my marathon pace run on Saturday and have some slightly fatigued legs to further destroy for Sunday.  Day of rest?  Hells no!

I had 7 miles with 5 at marathon pace (9:00-9:09).  During my warm up miles, I ran by a large apartment complex that was clearly getting ready for an Easter Egg Hunt.  There were eggs everywhere!  And not a person in sight.  Let me tell you how badly I had to resist doing some huntin' of my own.  Especially after I saw an open egg with a reese's peanut butter cup and a hershey chocolate bar spilling out.  Mmmmmmmm.  The run went well.  My legs seem to naturally gravitate closer to the 9:00 end of the range vs. the 9:09, but it was only 5 miles and not 26.2, so we shall see. ;)

I did 7 miles in 1:04:44 for a pace of 9:14.  Marathon miles averaged 9:03.

After checking the forecast before snoozing Saturday night, I noted that I should be DONE with my long run at 1pm, because the winds were going to be INTENSE then, and only getting stronger as the afternoon progresses.  So obviously at noon I was still putzing around not running.  Finally 12:30 got me out the door.  Unreal.

I had planned on doing a hilly 20 mile route that Angie had lent me, but shortly after starting I decided I wanted to do my 16 miler from last week with 4 miles tacked on.  Which would've been great, except I forgot that I had ran a few miles prior to the hilly route, so I was going to come up short.  Something I realized when I circled back to my apartment at 13.5 miles instead of 16.  ;)  [Sidenote:  The marathon I'm running is insanely flat.  However, the half I'm running in 2 weeks is going to be hilly as poo.  After the half, I'll probably lay off the hills.]

I started the run with the wind at my back (thank God) as I started taking down the hills for 4 miles.  Hills have started to become kind of... fun.  It's weird.  The next 6 miles suckkkkkkked as they were hilly and in to the wind.  When it's a struggle to run downhill into the wind, you know it's a strong wind sort of day.  BUT I would MUCH RATHER deal with wind than slippery/slick/shitty snow/ice/slush for the record.

I saw so many people out in pants, coats, and stocking hats.  I told myself I was being a pussy for wearing long sleeves instead of short sleeves with my shorts, but knew I'd be thankful for them when I was running in to the wind (I was right).  The joke is probably on me, however, as I have the worst chaffing EVER on my inner thighs.  Mental note:  Nike tempos that are too big should not be worn for LRs.  Ever.  Terrible idea.  Do not pass go.  Do not collect $200.

The final stretch of the hills was with the wind at my back and I was flyyyyyying.  Whee!!!  I did notice some discomfort in the back of my knee, presumably from the downhills, and my arch in my left foot started to get sore.  Oh, also both ankles were bleeding like nobody's business.  It's getting out of hand, really.  OWIE.

After 13ish miles I was back at my casa.  I made a quick bano break, refilled my handheld and was out the door.  The first 3.5 miles seemed to fly by (with the wind at my back) and I pretty much wanted to quit life the final 3.5 that were in to the wind (15mph winds with 25 mph wind gusts, so yeah, the times were I was running in place?  I'm guessing those were the wind gusts. haha.)

I attempted something different with my fueling.  I usually take my GUs at certain mile increments (every 4.5 for 18 miler, every 5 for 20 miler) but I decided to take my first at 4 miles and then every 45 minutes after.  In previous long runs I've felt terrible for a good mile leading up to the GU mile, and this helped tremendously.

The last mile of the run I just got ANGRY at the wind and decided I was going to run fast and show it who's [the] boss (Angela Bauer. Oh p.s. I used to tell people that Judith Light was my cousin.  I'm so cool.)  I was surprised at how much energy I had.  I surely couldn't have ran another 10k into that wind.  But with minimal wind?  No problem.

I did 20 miles in 3:14:12 for a pace of 9:42.  (Final mile in 9:14.  Take that wind.)

And with that I posted 50 miles for the week, which is my all-time high!  I spent 8 hours running this week.  Insane.  My legs feel pretty darn good, but I'm sure they'll be happy to enjoy the cutback week I have planned for them. :D


Kier said...

Nice work! (I totally would have snuck an egg btw...a reese's would have been perfect fuel at mile 18! :)

Katie V. said...

Sounds like a great week of running. Congrats on the PR for weekly mileage! That is an impressive total :)

aspoonfulofsmash said...

Very impressive show that wind! I got bad chaffing from a pair of my nike tempos the other day not cool!

Generation X (Slomohusky) said...

congrats! on the 50!

longest I have done is 52. I am sure you will beat that and double it some day.

Glenn Jones said...

Taper madness time! Woot! Congrats on the mileage last week. That's pretty tremendous.

Katie said...

BOMB. awesome week. that's a terrific LR pace!

J said...

Nice job on the 20 miler! Glad you got it in! And congrats on your highest mileage week! Such a great accomplishment!

Heather said...

Nice week, and nice 20 miler! I HATE running in the wind.

Susan said...

50 miles HOLY BEJESUS. Nice work! I've actually learned to appreciate hills more.......I would definitely take hills over wind because I haaaate when wind makes you feel like you're running against a wall. I mean, that's cool.

Nicole @ "Haute Runner" said...

Congrats on your highest weekly mileage!!

That was a hardcore 20M! Wind is brutal but I will definitely take it over snow/ice/slush any day.

Shorts? Haven't worn those outside in... 9 months? Maybe soon.

Steel Springs said...

Congratulations on the weekly mileage PR! You rocked on that twenty miler. The chaffing and ankle bleeding sound painful. Good luck getting it sorted out.