Wednesday, April 27, 2011

IT Band Update + More Half Marathon Race Pictures

Uh... you guys are clearly tri experts.  Seriously.  Anyone interested in doing your first tri, feel free to stalk my comments of my last post for ideas/suggestions/etc.  Phew.

Back to running........... oh wait.... I'm not.  Last night in lieu of running I did a super girly night of diy facial, manicure, pedicure, and eating coffee flavored ice cream directly out of the carton.  I then logged the 75 minutes in my running log as intense cardio.  jk.  As I tweeted last night, my left IT band is almost completely back to normal where as the right one is hovering around 72%.  As of this morning, I'd say closer to 87%.  I could probably have done a short run last night, but I opted to rest (and gorge on ice cream).  I really want my last 20 miler to go well this weekend, and if that means sacrificing some "junk miles" in the process so be it.

And because you didn't see quite enough pictures of me taking on 13.1 miles on Saturday, here are more for your viewing pleasure.  Seriously... I think it's almost to the point that you could print them out, staple them together and create your very own flipbook of my race.  ::brb out prepping craft supplies::

This should answer my "why do my IT bands hurt so bad?!?!?" question.  Uff.


Katie said...

bahahaha. i want a flipbook of race pictures!

Steel Springs said...

I'm glad that your ITBs are both almost back normal.

Coffee ice cream sounds so good right now. I can't wait to buy a carton of ice cream when I get back to the States.

The flipbook idea is a great one! Maybe race photographers should start selling those. said...

Junk miles can always be sacrified - go get that 20 this weekend with 100$ IT Bands!

Glenn Jones said...

Where are the dry heave photos?