Friday, April 22, 2011

Nobody Makes Me Bleed My Own Blood!

Last week, I got up bright and early to head to the doctor to become a human pin cushion figure out what's wrong with me.  Since my appointment was insanely early, I didn't have to wait more than 10 minutes for my appointment.  Win.  The doctor asked a gazillion questions, which was good, and did a small physical exam before sending me off to have my blood drawn.  Now I have no problem with needles, I have 3 tattoos for goodness sake, however, I do sometimes have a tendency to faint (example #1: I fainted during tattoo #1.  Don't ask how I got tattoos #2 and #3 after this instance....).  I kindly asked KK to come with me to hold my hand, but apparently bringing home the monies is more important than making me happy.  (I kid....)  His encouraging words were to not watch.  Good plan.

I sat down and the chick got to work poking around my veins.  She got ready to poke me (heh heh) so I looked away.  For a solid 5 minutes I was in pain as she was poking around my skin with the needle in me.  Finally she was done, and commented that she'd take a look at my other arm.  I looked over to her work station to see NONE OF MY BLOOD IN A VIAL!!!!  (P.S.  Wow there are a lot of vial homophones, I think I went through them all finding the right one.....)

After she deemed my left arm with "bad veins" she ran off to find someone else to stick me (heh heh).  Another lady came back and in very little time, and with very little pain other than the initial prick (heh heh) she had all she needed.  Do you think it's rude to request someone that doesn't SUCK AT TAKING BLOOD in this situation?  Where's Nurse Susan when you need her??!?!?

I waited the rest of the day Wednesday and all day Thursday with no results.  If you know how much of a worrier I am, you'll be able to conclude that I had diagnosed myself with all sorts of incurable diseases.  Seriously.  I couldn't sleep on Thursday because I assumed they were waiting to tell me I had 10 days left to live and wanted to do that in person instead of over the phone.  (See why I avoid the doctor??)

I finally called Friday morning and the nurse called me back shortly thereafter.  Turns out I was wrong.  No iron deficiency.  No b-12 deficiency.  However, I am lacking in the Vitamin D department (shoddy weather, I'm looking at you here....) which is causing my extreme fatigue.  The nurse said to continue taking a multi vitamin and to take some Vitamin D supplements until I felt back to normal.  YAAAAAAAAAY, that's way better than 10 days left to live, no?  And now I don't have to force myself to eat red meat.  Barfffffffffff.

And in other sad news, I have ended my quest towards 200 miles.  Didn't I just announce that I was attempting this?  Well yeah.... but I'm dumb.  After reading some of Jaseface's tweets this week (he ran a half marathon last weekend) I got to thinking... hmm.... if he's struggling to get his miles in this week because of recovery, how and the heck am I to get 50-52 miles (my highest) in?  We had a brief email exchange and moved around my workouts for next week, and all was well.... but it was still on the back of my mind.

In addition to my fear of getting injured, I still had 8 miles scheduled for Thursday and 3 miles scheduled for Friday (with Saturday being race day).  My legs were dead.  I realized that I wasn't going to be able to accomplish all my goals.  It was either:

a) run 200 miles


b) have fresh legs for the HM to attempt a PR and head in to my taper for Fargo with healthy legs.

Yes, I don't know that running 8+3 miles before a half is going to cause me not to PR.  And I don't know that a 50 mile week following a hard half marathon will cause me to get injured.  But either of these assumptions are pretty darn likely (knowing my body's incidence for injury).

In an effort to persuade me, KK even changed his bribery from dinner to the sparkly black TOMS I've been coveting.  Le sigh.  (The $17 dress shoes that I've had for the last 2 years have only a thread holding the sole of the shoe to the shoe.  If I wore my running shoes this close to death I would be injured always... hah.)

So I'm super duper bummed, but I should still end the month with a monthly mileage PR.  And there'll be another 200 mile month out there to chase.  I will just be careful to not schedule a race during it (or the last day of the month!!).


Nobel4Lit said...

Sorry about the Vitamin D issue. I'm sure you'll get all your training in. Also, I just got those exact Tom's... I need to break them in a little, but I'm pretty stoked about my first pair!

Evolving Through Running said...

Glad it's just a Vitamin D issue and not something more serious. We have relatives in Alaska that constantly take Vitamin D since the days are so incredibly short for a good part of the year. Hope it gets your energy back quickly.

Be careful with those mileage goals. So many bloggers are writing about injuries these days - don't add yourself to the list.

Steel Springs said...

I'm glad that you know what's going on and can get your energy levels back up! I hope you're feeling better in no time.

A monthly mileage PR rocks. You'll get 200 miles in soon and now you get both the monthly distance record and a little rest before the big HM!

Awesome new shoes!

Susan said...

Why was getting blood so hard? You're young and fit, you should have great veins! That being said, I have missed on a similar subject before, but that's what happens when you say you don't like blood being taken from your antecubital area (...elbow) and make me look elsewhere. When the vein is GIGANTIC, don't refuse me. Geez. Moving on.

Silly vitamin D...where's the sun??

Haha, I email Jason in panics sometimes about training...glad I'm not the only one. :)