Monday, April 18, 2011

Lazy Runner + Sucktastic Runs = 200 Mile Month?

I must start this post by saying, thank God it was a cut back week, because mentally I did not want to run.  Friday I hit the gym's treadmill along with my nookie nook to get in some miles because it was freezing cold/snowy/wet out.  Blech.  Little did I know that this would be the best/easiest run of the weekend.  Go figure.

I was so excited to run with some friends on Saturday morning for a group run.  I had plans to run to the meet up and home, so I'd get in 8.5-9 miles for the day.  Well at some point in the middle of the night, I must've shut off my alarm, because it never went off (and after careful review, I couldn't see that I had set another alarm for a different time, so this was my final verdict).  After missing the group run, my motivation was roughly zero.  I watched a few episodes of Say Yes to the Dress (currently obsessed with this show... it's ridiculously) and then headed out for a run.  TOTAL SUCKFEST!

It was windy.  The bike trail was flooded.  So I went around.  It was flooded in another area, so I started trampling through the muddy woods to get around it.  Only to realize that there was no getting around it, only through it.  So I walked back, through the mud yet again....cranky.... to be met with the wind in my face.  Efffffffffffffff.  If I had my cell phone, I guarentee that I would've been calling Kyle to come pick me up.  My shoes were roughly 20 lbs. a piece with all the excess mud and the 20-30 mph winds were helping to keep me at a standstill.  If you want to see a not-her-usual-chipper-self-Jeri, please create a time traveling device and go back to Saturday at 4pm.

I got so pissed off that I walked part of the run.  A few times.  I figured it was roughly the same pace I was traveling at anyway, plus I could cover up my face with my gloves to lower the level of "ouchies" from the wind.  And then I went out to dinner and ate like I had done my full run.  :)  Yayzies.

Sunday was grade 'A' lazy day.  I slept in.  I got caught up on twitter while in bed.  I cuddled with Kyle while he watched a fishing show (oy!).  I got him back by watching an episode of Say Yes to the Dress.  Followed by two more episodes.

 [I should note:  I was willing to stop watching after the first but Kyle became "emotionally invested" in the show, so we kept watching.... bahahahahha.  P.S. I really hope he doesn't read my blog because I have a feeling he'll be maaaaaaaaad about this confession.  heheh.]

Of course we then had to watch some more LOST while eating Girl Scout cookies in bed.  Followed by naps (because this was a reallllllllllllllllly stressful day obvs).  More cookies, more LOST, perhaps more Say yes to the Dress.  I love my life.  :)

Finally I went and ran.  Clearly I had to wait until the weather forecast was 80-90% chance of precipitation.  Because I'm smart.  The drizzle turned to rain which turned to baby snow flecks which turned to snow flakes which turned to sweet baby jesus those are giantess snowflakes that feel like shards of glass in my eyes.  It was neat.  But it was stil 1000x better than Saturday's sucktastic run.  :)

Now I know what you're probably thinking.... "Jerbear.... you're the queen bee slacker.  Why did you finish your runs for the week?  Normally you'd just say eff it. "

Well after knocking out a 50 mile week last week, I got to realizing that if I didn't miss a run for the rest of April I would be able to knock out a 200 mile month.  My best month ever was April 2010 at 180, and 200 miles is on my 101 in 1001 list, plus I think it'd be huge mentally for me going in to Fargooooooooo.  So guess who's not going to be a slacker for the next 12 days?  This girl.  I've been promised dinner to wherever my heart desires by Kyle for completing my goal, and clearly I'm most motivated by fooooooood, so this shall help.  Also Jodee (jokingly or not, I will hold her to this) offered up a sweet new eraser for getting to 200.  YAYZIES!

A sincere thanks for all the kind thoughts and words from my post on Friday.  I had to write it in increments throughout the week because I kept getting so emotional.  For those that mentioned donating $$, I set up a fundraising page through the race site, and all the funds will go towards the local cancer research center.  Feel free to donate.  :)


Katie said...

yoinks. i agree, slack your butt off for the month.

JRose said...

Fact about Jodee, she always keeps her word...unless she is dead and/or dying, and then she tries to make other people keep her word. Even if I have to rent my body, sell my hair, sleep with toothless truckers, you will have your erasers iffin you finish those 200 miles. =D

Also notice that Jodee never agrees to things unless she really means it. said...

50 miles?! Dayumn, chick. Food would motivate me through the next 12 days, too. Go get it :)

Susan said...

That is some major slackerage, although with a 200 mile month I suppose it's allowed. :)

Nicole @ "Haute Runner" said...

You can do it!! Great goal!! Love crossing things off the list!

I also get sucked into Say Yes to the Dress. I am married so no more dress shopping for me- unless I can convince the hubby to marry me again!! Not gonna happen...

A fabulous dinner anywhere would motivate me too!

Steel Springs said...

A 200 mile month sounds awesome. Good luck!