Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Extreme Online Shopper

Just call me Extreme Online Shopper, you hear that TLC?  Make a show about MEEEEEEEEEEE!


As some of you may have gathered from my Weekly Wishlists, I have a slight obsession with online shopping.  This obsession is made more humorous by the fact that I have my purchases sent to my work address, because sending them to my apartment causes a whole other errand to run because they will never leave the package.  But I digress.  So the super duper funny part of my online shopping addiction habit is that I'm a credit counselor.  When my packages come in, the receptionist calls me, and then I have to trek my boxes/bags/etc. through the building back to my office. 

My name is Jeri, and I'm the cumpulsive shopper of the office.

Hi Jeri.........

In my defense, I do about 2% of my shopping in actual stores, so I really don't shop all that much (seriously.  especially compared to when I was in college.  uff. da.).  It just looks that way when I get everything delivered to work.  :)

After my recent running shoe scores, I decided to share some tips with you (that you probably all already know, but whatever, just go with it).  I'm always on the hunt for running shoe deals.  Once I find a pair of shoe that I puffy heart love, it's on.  My goal is to stockpile as much as possible to diminish the heartbreak that inevitably occurs with Mizuno/Asics/Saucony go from 6 to 7 and 7 sucks the big one.

For my latest adventure, I knew that the Kinvara II would be coming out shortly, ergo the original Kinvaras should be having a massive closeout almost everywhere.  I google searched for the shoes in 7.5 and sorted by price to find the best deal.  After doing this, I noted whether or not there was a shipping and handling charge, and if so how much.  Then I googled for (website name) coupon code to see if there was anything out there.  Presto change-o, you have your best deal.

For my efforts, I received a pair of turquoise Kinvaras.  Sale priced at $80, Running Warehouse priced at $69.88 (originally $89.99).  On top of the sale price I found a coupon code for 10% off, as well as free shipping.  Boom:  $62.89.  Additional nugget of awesomeness, no sales tax to South Dakota (otherwise .06%).

(Tried on as soon as they arrived at work. Hence the silly dress pant/running shoe look. AKA HAWT)

Next up, was having a Memorial weekend sale.  I found the new Kinvara IIs I've been lusting over priced at $89.95.  20% off coupon code and free shipping (as well as no sales tax) and I had a steal at $71.96.

Gotta love the "natural light" under my office desk.

sexy, no?

Considering my original pair (and current pair) of Kinvaras were $90 (a Christmas gift from my mother who's not a super sleuth online shopper like her offspring), I'd say I did pretty good getting two pairs for ~$130.  Now clearly, not everyone has $100-200 just burning a hole in their pocket, but the credit counselor in me puts aside a little bit of money in to my "running savings account" just for these purchase (along with race fees and race travel expenses) so I always have them at the ready. 

To be honest, these shoes came from a $200 discount I got on my June rent for renewing my lease at my apartment.  Hey-o free money!  (However, if you're truly taking my advice, it would've been wise to put that $200 towards my car loan or my student loans, but hell, you only live once!)

And just for fun, a random convo with Kyle on Monday morning....still cracks me up FYI.
KK:  Are you going to come over after work? I make you FEESH!
Me:  Eh, maybe. I have to run first.
KK:  Oh yeah?  Picking up a new hobby?
Me:  Yeah thinking about it.  I think it's called jogging.... though pronounced yogging.... soft j sound... should be fun!

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Nicole @ "Haute Runner" said...

Oh I can be the Canadian version of Extreme Online Shopper!!! I also have everything shipped to my office after a package was stolen from my front porch.

At my office they have to open all the mail that comes in so not only do they see the packages, they see the contents!! I tend to order a lot of Lululemon so there is always a spandex item waiting in my work mailbox for me!

Nice shoes!! And great advice about the running savings account!

Maria said...

"I'm not sure but apparently you just run for an extended period of time. It's supposed to be wild."


Susan said...

I do love the google for a coupon code trick....soooo good!

J said...

Love the shoes! great colors! i always google coupon codes when I am buying stuff - definitely want to get the best deal possible!

Katie said...

I want to run in the kinvaras just because they are adorable!! i need neon colors!