Thursday, June 2, 2011

Fall Marathon Pros and Cons + Fargo Marathon Race Photos

Last week, my office ex-hubby and I were recapping my marathon and discussing what's next. Prior to Fargo, I had come to terms with the fact that with starting grad school in the fall while still working full time, I was going to have to scale back the running. I thought I'd see how the first semester goes and maybe maybe be able to train for the Green Bay Marathon in the spring if I could balance my life. However, in our conversation, I confessed that I was so bummed in my race in Fargo, that I'd run a race this weekend if my body would allow it (don't worry, I won't/didn't).

Well of course, Tom, being the enabler starts spouting off fall races. While I'd love to run Twin Cities Marathon, there is just too good of a chance for hot and humid weather the beginning of October. And then he mentioned Mankato Marathon.

Well.... shoot.

Time for a good ol' Jeri crafted Pros and Cons list!

  • The race is in late October.  High probability of cool (or even COLD and snowy) weather.  Perfect-o!
  • It's far enough after the Sioux Falls half, which was originally my goal race for the fall.
  • It's cheap.
  • I wouldn't have to train through the whole summer (only about half of it).
  • It's semi-close to home. Meaning I could convince my parents and Kyle to come.  (sidenote: while almost in tears at mile 24 of Fargo, I vowed to NEVER run another marathon without massive support on the course. Hah.... drama queen).
  • It's far enough out that I can heal, recovery, and repair whatever is wrong with me so it doesn't happen the next go around.
  • Without a solid marathon time, Danielle will SURELY beat me in our challenge! ;)
  • I will be working at least 40 hours a week.  Attending classes 6 hours a week.  Studying an unknown amount of hours a week, and training for a marathon takes 7-8 1/2 hours of just running a week (not including stretching, long run prep, ice baths, post long run naps).  Oh and that Kyle guy..... I'd like to see him more than 12 minutes a day.
  • Less flexibility in my racing schedule.  I would probably only be able to run the Sioux Falls half in the fall while doing marathon training.
  • I will have to train in July and August.  As in, even if I wake up at 4am it's still 85+ degrees and 100% humidity.  :/
  • Long runs and long run recovery will surely cut in to my Wild Water West time.  This could be catastrophic.
The jury is still out as of now, but feel free to pipe in with your two cents, especially if you're planning on doing Mankato.  If not, make sure to let me know if you're doing any other super sweet (primarily half marathon) races in the fall in my general area.  If I don't do the Mankato, I'd like to run a half in August, September, and maybe two in October.  :/

And can we talk for a minute about how sweet my running friends are?  When I was originally throwing this idea around, I had asked Danielle to send me a copy of the 12/55 Pfitz training program, because that's what I was toying around with doing.  Imagine my surprise when I get a package from Amazon with the whole g.d. book. Looooooooooooooove you kitten. :)

 Seriously @rtdanielle09 is ze best. :D on Twitpic

 And now on to some horrendous Fargo Marathon race photos.  I was really bummed.  If you remember, my C goal was to take good race photos if all else went to poo poo.  Well there were very few pictures, and they kind of all sucked.  No money from me this time folks!

Kyle's comment: This must be early in the race. You don't look like you're going to kill someone.

What's that?  Someone took away my birthday??
Saaaaaaaaaaad Panda.

Finish line photo.  Of course they didn't capture the arms in the air exuberance of finishing.  Instead they got me stopping my watch.  Also the left foot kick out.... might you be the stem of my knee hip problems??


bobbi said...

I've got nothing about Mankato, but I'm there for Twin Cities. And there is NO HOT WEATHER ALLOWED. Seriously. I mean it!

Nobel4Lit said...

Jeri, love that you are such a thorough planner!

I was in that same situation when I started grad school (I pretty much worked full time throughout, too). I had run a marathon and a few halves, and couldn't imagine giving it up. So I just found programs that weren't so mileage-heavy. I did not expect to do everything perfectly, marathons included, but I did improve throughout the course of school, slowly but surely.

I could get into more details, but I'll spare your comment page. You're on the right path so far!

Nicole @ "Haute Runner" said...

I definitely think you could do a full in the fall. I find I am more successful when I am busier because there isn't much room for error, or slacking off. If I can put it off until tomorrow, it won't get done. Plus training would be a great outlet for the stress of working and studying like mad!

Your race photos aren't THAT bad! You do look a little wet and sad in the 2nd one though!

Val said...

I completely understand your desire for a redemption race! And your concern about balancing a busy life w/ running. I work 60-80 hours/week including many 30 hour overnight shifts (though the overnights should be over thank god!), and I've still done 4 marathons since October (Chicago, Maui, Rockford IL, Madision WI) and managed to cut >30 minutes off my marathon time in the process. I'd strongly recommend you consider the Run Less, Run Faster program. It only requires 3 runs a week- speedwork, tempo, long. And to be honest, I only did 1/2 of the prescribed long runs due to time constraints. Based on everything I see on your blog, you are a stronger runner than me- you've been doing it longer and you are in general faster. So I KNOW you can do it! If you are feeling the urge to do Mankato, then DO IT! Just realize your training schedule will be different than in past cycles.

kimi said...

here's a positive on the photos.. in the last one you can't read the full time so it looks like you are finishing in 3:17:46 to me! BALLER!

Anonymous said...

I say for go it. ;p

I worked pretty consistent 60+ hour weeks last summer and trained for Chicago. It sucked, but it also forced me to get a lot more bulk mileage in which probably helped me in the long run. I had to do a lot of doubles, but it worked out okay in the end.

It's your type of weather and a chance to get people you want to come with so...seems like a plan.

Yes. Do it.

Amy - the gazelle said...

I work full time & go to online grad school and am training for a marathon! It's what all the cool kids do. For REAL!

Also - wild water west is just like recovery ice baths after long runs, right?

Anonymous said...

Skip the marathon and come to South Korea :)

But seriously, I enjoyed my time training for a super speedy 1/2 marathon. Don't put too much on your plate girl, you'll burn out. (I'm a prime example). meh

Anonymous said...

hmm I say you go for it! But then again I can't imagine every running a marathon so who am I to talk.
Thanks for your advice on my training plan, I think I am going to switch those "recovery" runs after my LR's to easy runs on Monday's. As for the speed work I think I am going to just play it by ear..I tend to run all of my runs faster so if I have two designated faster days then hopefully that will help me to run slower on the other two. 5 miles done today with no hip pain so thats good!

Anonymous said...

I don't have much advice, but good luck with the decision. Just don't schedule yourself so thin you go crazy, m'kay?

And yeah.... About those Fargo photos. Mine sucked too. I swear that got one of me smiling right by the theatre Marquis, but of course that one doesn't show up anywhere. :-(

Anonymous said...

Probably not what you want to hear, but I'd say take the Fall off from the 26.2! Give yourself a season to focus on speed (if you want to), enjoy some half marathons and settle into the new life/schedule with jobs + work. I think the marathon distance gets to a point where it can be mentally exhausting (aside from the clear physical exertion!), and it's okay to take a seasonal hiatus! Just my two cents... :)

Richelle said...

How about the Monster Dash?

Susan said...

Danielle (and Sarah) want me to come run the Maine Marathon...soooo you should decide to run Twin Cities and fight over me!! No, really...I'm strongly considering TC and you should too!! Please?

Katie said...

I've got nothing about the race, but that second picture is fabulous.

Dom and Trey said...

I'd say, train for it, see how it goes, and if it's working for you ----then register for the race. But wait as long as you can to register, so you don't put yourself in a bind.

Also, I bet you could run a successful marathon without logging so many miles, during the weekday. As long as you are consistent with your long runs and get some quality miles during the week, I think you'll be fine. That's how I trained for my first half marathon and then the ultra I ran earlier this year.

BTW I like your first race photo. You look like you were having a good time.


Jessica said...

your very pronounced heel strike is likely a contributor to your knee issues.

I would recommend a lot of quad, glute, adductor and abductor strength work, especially with things like single leg lifts, single leg squats, etc.

Anonymous said...

you should totally just do it. with that huge heap on your plate it would definitely help keep you focused/on track! :)

J said...

Go for it Jeri! You can do it! With all the stuff you have going on you will need to stay organized but I think that may actually help because you can't skip out on runs because you wont have any other time to do it!

Bree said...

They say that if you want something done, ask a busy person to do it. It's all about time management and it looks like you are pretty good at it already, so I say go for the full :)

As for which race, Monster Dash is at the end of Oct. as you already know. I am not 100% on it yet. Last year for Twin Cities it was about 40 deg. at the start. But I know some years have been brutal.

In other little known marathon news, there is also the Bismarck Marathon (flooding pending I suppose) on Sept. 17th. I am guessing it's hilly though.

..:danielle:.. said...

just NOW seeing this (no internet due to moving BLOWS!)... xoxo. just DOOOOOOO it. k good :)