Wednesday, June 1, 2011

May in Review + Recovered Legs

May in Review

Total Miles:  87.6 down from 163.6 last month.  (96.7  miles from May 2010.)
Total Time 14:05:55 down from 26:03:49  (15:04:50 last May.)
Total Runs: 14 for an average of 6.26 miles/run
Highest weekly mileage:Favorite run: 

5/16/2011 — 5/22/2011:31.2 Mi5:12:03

Bike Miles:  8.5.  Look out Lance.
Favorite Jams: Meh, anything that blocked out my internal whining/lamenting/woe is me during the marathon.  ;)
So thanks for all the kind slash OMG GROSSSSSSSSSSs comments on my monster eye infection.  It looks 1000x better, and feels better too.  But it's definitely still messed up.  Oh well.  I have another eye, right?!!?  jk (I take my eye health very seriously...... but $180 for a 15 min eye doc visit and insanely expensive Rx.... I'll wait it out a smidge....)

I'm tentatively following the Hal Higdon post-marathon training program, I say tentatively because my legs have felt like butt hole so I've been pretty conservative with my miles and my pace.  Tuesday I set out for a very windy run expecting to have yet another slog fest.  Color me shocked when my legs felt BACK TO NORMAL.  At one point my "easy" pace was marathon pace (@#$%()#$%@#*($%*#($)%).  Yes.  Drama.  Me.  I knew the wind was at my back for the start of the run, and figured that's why it felt so effortless, but was even more shocked when I turned around and was able to maintain my pace against the wind without it affecting my heart rate too much.  Neato burrito.

For shits and gigs I threw in 4x100 m strides during the final mile to see how the hip/IT bands would take it.  Swimmingly.  HOLY GUACAMOLE, I MIGHT BE RECOVERED!!!  Only took 11 days, but whatev.  And good thing too, because I think I found my next race.  Just a little local 5k, but it's on my 1/2 birthday.  YAYZIES!

Sidenote:  I was telling KK that my 1/2 birthday was coming up and was all excited when it hit me.... crap....... 
J:  At what point do I have to stop celebrating my half birthdays?  [with pouty lip and puppy dog eyes...]
KK:  Definitely NOT 27 1/2!
Just another reason I keep that kid around. :D
Most hardcore run: 
Favorite Race: I wish I could say it was the Fargo Marathon where I sub-4 and glitterfarted up the course.  But I didn't.  So I won't.  I did have a pretty g.d. good time at the Avera 10k though, and didn't die on my first 10k ever, and MAYBE even sparked a new favorite race distance.  So there's that, at least.


Greg said...

Ha! "Glitterfarted up the course."


Nobel4Lit said...

Yeah, those eye exams are expensive, and my insurance doesn't do much for them. =/

Glad you're recovering. I'm actually about to write up my marathon training plan, too. I think it starts in July (for a November race). In the meantime, I'm running a lot less! I ran 79 miles in May!

Katie said...

girl! what a month. glad your legs are behaving again.

Nicole @ "Haute Runner" said...

Good month (minus Fargo)!

I love all your little terms. Crack me up every time!!

Dear lord that is an expensive eye exam!! Hope it gets better soon!!