Sunday, June 5, 2011

Weekend Recap AKA Always a Runner

After my supercalifragilisticexpealidocious run earlier this week, I ended up not running again.  :/  The next day my hip kind of hurt, and then I opted to hang out with Kyle instead of running the next night.  Saturday brought the return of the i infuction, so I'm basically a professional couch potato professional.

But even though I'm not running, it doesn't mean that running isn't on my mind.

For example,  I went to visit my BFFF this weekend.  When I filled up for gas before leaving town, I reset my odometer.

  • From my doorstep to the Centerville exit sign is a marathon.
  • From my doorstep to my exit is a 50k.
  • Both of these distances I can drive much much much faster than I can run.  ;)
  • Irene could have a STELLAR one mile race starting on the east side and going through town (there's a monster hill).
  • I would hate to train around Irene because it's so stinkin' hilly.
Today on my way home, I made a pitstop in my hometown because I was having troubles seeing out of my eye.  When I was in high school, a girl had stopped at our house asking for a glass of water, stating that she had just ran from a neighboring town to ours.  I remember being awestruck (keep in mind this was in my distance days... 1 miler, right here....) that she had run that far.  Since I drove the route today, I decided to clock it.  6 miles.  Um.... during marathon training, I'm not sure if I had a single run LESS THAN 6 miles.  It's funny how the perspective changes, huh?  (But to be fair it's a hilly ass 6 miles.)

I decided next time I'm home I'm going to run there and back for fun.  Yes... for fun.  Ha.

But anyway, on to the weekend fun.  Yankton was having their 150th celebration, so I went down to spend it with my BFFF.  Sadly the weekend was cut short due to my stupid eye, but I haven't had that much fun in such a long time.  Sidenote:  BFFF completed her first race EVER last weekend running the Boulder Bolder 10k.  So proud of her.  Maybe I'm attempting to convince her to do a half marathon in September.... just maybe.  ;)

Big head Todd and the Monsters.
I feel like I was misled by the size of Todd's head.

Pretty BFFF.

This is what happens when you have 9 people who need a sober ride home from the bar.

This is what happens when your eye ball has an extreme sensitivity to light and you're taking a pic at night with the flash on.  Ouchies.

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Andrew Opala said...

lovely, but what's a bfff?