Monday, June 20, 2011

The Good News.... And the Bad News

I managed to have one of the suckiest weekends on record while having one of the greatest Sundays ever.  Impressed?  You should be.

The Good News:  I got to spend the day with my favorite little boy, Harrison.  Only two people assumed and commented on him as my son, or me as his mother.  I'm not surprised at all.  Oh hai mini me!
The Bad News:  More than ever I wish my bro and SIL lived closer than Texas.  :(

The Good News:  While at the science museum in the "fit center" I learned that I have only lost one inch off my vertical from high school.  Considering I was a high jumper and plyo fool back in the day I was legitimately impressed, especially for all the mileage pounding I do on these lil leggies.....
The Bad News:  I landed not-so-gracefully on one of my attempts and my knee hurts like a biatch.  :/  d-u-m-b!  That's me!

The Good News:  Harrison commented that he wants to be a runner and that he's FAST.  Warmed my heart a bit obviously.
The Bad News:  Apparently I'm not the type of aunt who'll let my nephew win in a foot race.  That'll just teach him to get faster right? ;)

The Good News:  After my match up, H took on some other little kids on the "track" in the fit center.  I'm proud to say he worked some 6 or 7 year old boy as well.
The Bad News:  There isn't any.  He's da bomb.

The Good News:  I attempted to get acclimated to the heat and humidity on Saturday.  I spent Friday night and part of Saturday morning hydrating.  I wore a flimsy tank and shorts.  I carried a water bottle.  I set out for my 9 miles at 4:30pm.
The Bad News:  I think I almost died.  My close-to-ten-minute pace was generating heart rate levels akin to what I was pulling on my 8 minute tempo run pace earlier in the week.  I felt like I was breathing in part water, and was gasping for air.  I took walk breaks.  I ended up turning around at mile 2.5 and calling it a day with 5 miles.  It was the least amount of fun I've had running since May 21st.

The Good News:  I got to spend Saturday evening with one of my favorite people, Molly. 
The Bad News:  She's only in the 'Dak for another day before she heads back out to San Diego.  Dearest lady friends, please all move to my city immediately.  I miss having great girlfriends to spend time with.  [insert sad face.]

The Good News:  I cleaned my apartment for the first time in.... a very. very. long time.  FYI I'm a messy chicka.
The Bad News:  My shoe shopping obsession came to light.

Happiest of happy birthday to one of my favorite runner girls, Susan!  I hope you have the greatest birthday and welcome to 27.  Can't wait to seeeeeeeeeeeeeee you in less than 4 months (no I don't have a paperchain countdown going... that'd be creepy........ :D)

Check out Erin and Lauren's sweet medal display giveaways! (I seriously want one of these SO BAD... hint hint... mother.... Xmas stocking stuffer?!?!?


Nobel4Lit said...

Paper chain countdowns? Haven't thought about those in FOREVER!!

cisforcourtney said...

oh yuck! those runs are the absolute pits. sorry lady :(

your nephew is a cutie pie!

Susan said...

thank you!!! i totally want a paper chain countdown...