Friday, June 10, 2011

Hey Look at Me! I'm Running! + Blog Searches

It's been awhile since I've talked about running here on the ol' running blog.  So perhaps I'll do that.  Last week I started up training again.  I have a short and not-so-sweet 4 week plan to hopefully get me to a 10k PR on the 4th of July.  Because I've taken it pretty darn easy post-Fargooooooooooo, I started my weekly mileage pretty low:  20. 

Last Monday I was the biggest B.A. of SoDak when I did my run in 95 degree temps.  Please keep in mind that this was the temp after I waited for it to cool off.  It was well over 100 degrees for the day, my car told me it was 119 when I was driving home from work, but it's clearly a liar.  However, if there was a thermometer INSIDE my car, it would've been in the 150 range.  G.D. black car.  Yes I sweated through my dress clothes during my 7 minute commute, thanks for asking. 

To be honest, the run wasn't that bad.  Granted it was an easy-paced 3 miles.  But heat....?  It really doesn't suck THAT bad.  I've definitely had cooler temperature runs where I have been much much MUCH sweatier and on the brink of death, but the humidity was only in the 40% range.  It's just so rare that we have heat WITHOUT 90-100% humidity that I didn't realize whom my true foe was.  Humidity.... you suckkkkkkkkk.

I also got in a rockin' 800 meter repeat run, without getting my ass handed to me.  YAYZIES.  Considering it's been roughly 6 weeks since I've done any speed work I was slightly concerned.  Yes it was tough, and yes my heart rate data proved I was working my hiney off, but it was kind  ::cough:: masochist! ::cough::

After my warm up, I was able to knock out 3 800s in 3:36, 3:37, and 3:35.

And this weekend I headed up to Minneapolis for a bachelorette party.  I threw my running stuff in my bag with a chuckle.... "ha... yeah... suuuuuuuuuuure I'll run."  But damn it if I didn't get out there for my long run on Sunday after a 2 day bachelorette party bender.  Keep in mind, my long run is a whopping 8 miles currently, but still!  That's the furthest I've run since Fargo. 

I found a super sweet trail near my BFFF's (someone previously asked what this means..... best effing friends forever.... we're dumb and have been calling each other this for a gazillion years now) brother's house.  I loved that the trail had separate lanes for bikers and runners/walkers.  I didn't have to worry about getting mowed down on the path!  Before I knew it I had ran upon Target Field during their game.  Go Twins!

I did 8 miles in 1:15:32 for a pace of 9:27.  And my average heart rate was 3 beats lower than the range I was shooting for.  Double yayzies!
And for your random enjoyment:  One of the things I love the most about the stats that blogger provides me is the searches people use to find me. I've been compiling some of my faves for a while now, and just had to share with you. Naturally I had to provide commentary as well, so please enjoy.
  • 7.2 miles and the puppies are hurting (is this referring to ta-tas or feet?)
  • what ze poopnuggets (french poopnuggets are far superior to their American counterparts: the poopnuggets)
  • My first 4some story (hey-o! congrats kid!)
  • The devils workout (I will probably have some crazy cult seek me out after my mile repeat/devils workout jokes)
  • i love wet tees (who doesn't?!?!)
  • running tights and camel toe (make that camel toe classy yo!)
  • food poisoning from funnel cake (this post was somewhat inconclusive)
  • words like yayzies (there aren't any. no substitutes. sorry.)
  • will the mankato marathon be hilly? (answer: uh. yes.)
  • national conference of bresilian bishops (held biannually, send your entry fee to me.)
  • nice hips (what, these creaky old things??? bow chicka bow wow....)
  • running in a wet t-shirt.  (yes... it's called massive sweat. And it's hawt.)


kimi said...

i love looking at my analytics for these kinds of things. people are so weird. yayzies.

Kier said...

I love checking out search terms in analytics! Too fun.

Wealth is Health said...

The Google searches are hilarious! I should check mine out and see what funny things are in there.

Bree said...

Search terms get me to LOL everytime. Literally. I can't hold it in!

That trail is pretty nice. Although, it is where I tempted my fate and had a staredown with that coyote not long ago. Amazing to think he/she was that close to downtown, eh?

Katie said...

those searches always crack me up! mine are always lame like "i want to have sex with my bicycle." GD if it ain't true.

Amy - the gazelle said...

Love the google search terms. :)

I am going to be in your town in August & in the middle of marathon training. Fortunately (I tweaked the schedule so) it's a step-back week, but I'll still need to do ~10-12 miles. Can you provide route suggestions? I would be forever grateful. I've never run there before (and I'm so scared of the heat + humidity in August - SO SCARED!).

Richelle said...

You were in Minneapolis this weekend? Sweet! Lemme know next time if you want some company on your run.

Raspberry Stethoscope said...

that is hilarious!! i have no idea how to find what people search for to bring them to my blog