Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Celebrity Status+Sweatfest

The other day while my office ex-hubby and I were scouring the Mankato Marathon site looking for a course profile map for the half course working diligently, a picture of the race start popped up on the site.  All cockily I stated, yeah that's totally me.  And as soon as the little word bubble was floating above my heads with the words in it I realized... huh... that really is me.




Ok, totally not, but it made my day for 6 seconds (ok, clearly longer since this happened days ago.  Whatevs.)

(Red pacer shirt, white hat towards the left on the picture.)

Sunday I was supposed to run a 6 mile tempo run.  However, my Garmin has been acting up, and by the time I rolled out of bed, the humidty was at 96%.  Barf.  I decided to do next week's 800m repeat workout instead, and hit the gym, so the treadmill could keep track of my time and distance for me.

I had 4x800m in 3:30-3:40.  After my warm up mile (and thoroughly soaking the treadmill in the process... this oughta be a FUN run... :/), I got after it.  The first one felt *cough* easy *cough*.  I decided to take less of a break in between to toughen up the run.  Er... not necessary.  #2 was tough, but #3 felt like death.  Towards the end I decided I would just call it a day if I could survive the remaining 30 seconds.  When I did survive, I told myself I could walk until my heart rate came down after #3, and then jog the rest of my recovery before I had to start #4.  Of course #4 felt great, even with the speed bumped up a bit.  Silly body.  Second to last is ALWAYS the worst.

3:38, 3:38, 3:38, 3:36.

Probably a good thing I was on the treadmill.  I think #3 would've been 6:30 minutes if I had a choice in the matter.

And just so you don't think I'm kidding about the sweatfest that took place, I was 3 lbs. lighter post-run.  And that's with drinking a 16 oz. water bottle while/after running.  Sweatiest gym-goer of the day goes to:



kimi said...

internetzzzz, you haz arrived!

nice 800 workout, stud!

Anonymous said...

Oh thats awesome!

.....on another note, Im going to start using the word "glitterfarts" too, k? That made me laugh!

Anonymous said...

Gym AC?? No?? OOF. That's more water than I can usually stomach during a 13-15 mile run in the heat - that Jerbear sweat doesn't mess around ;)