Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Best Week Ever + July in Review

Did anyone watch that show on VH1, Best Week Ever?  Is that still on?  I think I would be an adequate candidate for that show this week.

Exhibit A:  I graduated from grad school on Saturday.  Roll tide.  Mom and Pops surprised me with roses and took me out for dinner on Monday.

Exhibit B:  My library opened a brand new branch on Tuesday.  It was announced this spring that I was one of the lucky five who was getting to transfer to the brand new branch!  It was a ton of work getting it ready to go, but Tuesday was one of the best days of work I've ever had in my life.

Exhibit C:  I woke up BEFORE my alarm today and set out for my 10 miler.  The sun came up after the first two miles and I realized that my HR was waaaay below my recovery zone.  So I decided to pick up the pace until I was hitting the correct HR zone.  1 minute/mile faster later and boom!  10 miler done.  I'm not quite back to where I was pre-slacker, but I'm getting pretty damn close.  Keep up the good work legs!

Exhibit D:  Another great day of work.  I was chatting with a girl who told me about the books she checked out yesterday at the grand opening.  One of the author's she was reading wrote one of my favorite young adult books of all time, When You Reach Me, and when I showed it to her, she had to check it out and promised to tell me what she thought of it.  I die.  And then later, a little girl needed help with something and she was carrying around my favorite pug book.  And we got to talking about our pugs.  And THEN, later in the day, a teen boy came up to me with his "impossible quest" to find a book that he was reading back in May that he didn't know the title or author of, and when I figured it out, and showed the book cover to him, he freaked out and gave me a high five.  And then my little librarian heart swelled up to 32x its original size.

July In Review

Total Miles: 77.7 up from 48.3  last month.  Damn you laziness in Vegas for squelching my hundy club!  (33.8 miles from July 2012.)  
Total Time: 14:35:30 up from 8:26:44 last month. 
Total Runs: 10 for an average of 7.77/run.
Highest weekly mileage:  7/15-7/21  41.7 miles 7:43:32
Favorite run: I knocked out a ten miler before work the Friday before I went to work, and it was one of those runs where you're in such a zone of awesomeness that you forget you're running until you're an hour in to the run.  Plus running in to the sunset is always killer.
Most hardcore run:  The 8 mile GA run in 90 degrees with high humidity that almost killed me dead.  Keeping your HR at the appropriate zone when it's THAT HOT is hard.  (Guess when I made the switch to morning running?  If you guessed "the very next day" you are a big WINNER!)
Favorite race: NA

Bike Miles: Oh yeah, I have a bike.  Hmm....Favorite Jams: Miley Cyrus' We Can't Stop played on repeat for a solid three miles today.


Kayla said...

Congrats on graduating!! The flowers are beautiful! :)

Kristin Miller said...

Congrats again!!! Roll Tide! Football/college football season without studying is in your future ;-)