Friday, August 9, 2013

Weekly Reads: Under the Dome

I've had Steven King's Under the Dome on my list to read for quite some time, so when I heard that a TV mini series was coming on to CBS this summer, I had to tune in, and drag Kyle along with me.  I would've liked to have read the book first, but I had zero time for fun reading, especially for 800+ pages of fun reading.  We're almost halfway through the season, but the main premise is that, unexpectedly an impenetrable dome crops up over a small town with no way in and no way out.  No one has any idea where it came from or who caused it, and we slowly start to learn that many of the people inside of the dome aren't exactly who they say they are.

I'm excited to see how it ends up, and then even more excited to read the book and do some comparison!


Viper said...

I've been watching, though I've yet to see the latest episode. They need to break away from the "disaster of the week format," but so far I'm enjoying it. I look forward to your comparison. Cheers!

Melissa Carlson said...

I started watching this because all of my regular shows are on break. I said I'd watch the first two episodes and make my decision whether or not to keep following along... Now multiple episodes deep, I'm still not 100% sold on the show and keep waiting for it to get better. This can only go on for one season, mayyyybe two, right? I mean, how long can they be under that dome with limited food/water?

kimi said...
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