Sunday, August 11, 2013

What Have I Been Missing?

While in grad school, I had to put a lot of funsie things on the back burner.  Television, to name one of the many.  When Spring Breaks would come, or time off for Christmas, I would obsessively try to watch and catch up on a tv show that I felt I was missing out on.

Some of these obsessive TV marathons include:

  • Scandal
  • The Vampire Diaries (which I've since stopped watching)
  • MadMen (still working on this one, although it's hard to binge watch it)
  • Breaking Bad (Kyle and I worked through this whole series with the intention of finishing when the new season came on TONIGHT, but accidentally finished a few months ago and have been twiddling our thumbs ever since)
  • Pretty Little Liars (Don't judge. Jenn and Megan were obsessively watching and I didn't want to be left out!)
  • Arrested Development (Just the last season. I intend on rewatching these all someday and making Kyle join in)

What am I missing?

Currently on tap, I have snagged Modern Family season 1 & 2 from TJ.  Kyle and I have also recently started House of Cards.  I have Orange is the New Black queued up on Netflix as well as Friday Night Lights, but I have to be missing something else, right??


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kimi said...

we just finished binge watching all 5 seasons of sons of anarchy... love it. orange is the new black is also on my list to watch!