Friday, August 16, 2013

Happy Birthday KK!

As I was running this weekend, I was reminded that Kyle's birthday was coming up on the 16th.  I had to stop and think for a minute about how old he was turning.  28.  28!!  When did he get so old??  He still seems like he's 24-25 to me.  And then that reminded me how old I was, and I quickly moved on from that thought.  :)

Happy birthday to Ollie's second favorite person in the whole wide world.

Happy birthday to the best pug dad a person (and pug) could ever ask for (even if you were vehemently against owning a pug for the first year or so we were together).

Happy birthday to the strongest guy I've ever met.

Happy birthday to the best fisherman in the world (next to Big Jer, of course).

Happy birthday to my best friend, insanely goofy counterpart, loudly snoring, sleep walking, sleep talking, leg twitching, bear armed love, Kyle.

Hope you catch ALL of the feeshes and get ALL of the pug kisses in your 28th year.  :)

Love you,

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